Thursday, 15 November 2007

Sepuluh Tahun Sebelum Merdeka

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I've read about this in newspapers sometime ago and now only had the time to watch the real video documentary by Fahmi Reza, showing us the fighting spirits of forgotten heroes of Merdeka. Some of these heroes' names are still in the Malaysia history book but their contributions are very much sidelined. In fact, the spirit of Merdeka were ignited by them.

Which reminds me of the Saturday 10th November Bersih Rally. Government propagated that demonstration is not our culture. But look at those pictures in the above link! Although I was the 'victim' of the bad traffic jam on that day, but I shall not complain since they are, on behalf of me as well, went to fight for fairer elections in the country. The have braved through heavy downpour, water canons and tear gas and ISA (the worst possible part). I would think demonstration is a good way to send strong signals to the relevant authorities as long as it is a peaceful one. No burning of flags or effigy, no weapons and no verbal abuse.

Since I enjoy history, the videos depicts classic Malaya which is very much lacking in the local film industry. In the cinema, we watched the war era of other countries and their patriotism from different perspective. But here in Malaysia, we always have only one side of the history which is normally propagated by the government.

I know that Malaysia history is as interesting as all other histories. However, it is not very much told. The video clips below are works of Fahmi Reza. It's a good documentary and amazing that he can traced all the veterans to be interviewed. Kudos, and without this, we might never be able to know the true spirit of Merdeka and how they fought for it.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

The film made it clearer on why our forefathers hated being under a colony, being under a foreign power. I'm sure a lot of people still think that being governed by the British is good. If they hadn't left, we would have benefited greater technologies and became more developed. Picture this, how would you like to be under the South African apartheid system? The country may seem to be developed but this is only one side of the view.

I would think that if they had a bigger budget, the film would even give greater impact to it's viewers. As a normal folk, it certainly requires someone who is passionate and strongly driven to produce something like this. And work is worth a thousand praises! My favourite was the PKMM's tune ("Darah Rakyat") and the final song, "Burhanuddin Al-Helmy"(corrections noted).

nb: Thanks Fahmi, for the pointers. My apologies for carelessness.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Have you have a day..

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The reason I've not been able to update for sooooooooo long is because I myself is 'out of order'. Not to elaborate further, this morning I sing myself out of dullness....

These songs feel as though they were made for me


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