Saturday, 20 September 2008

Get a life

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Q: How's life?

A: Not cool...I wish I could've said, "I went to there there there and there....I did this this this and this, I met who who and who..". I wish I have tons of people to meet, places to go and activities to do. Even coming online losses it's zeal. 

I think playing The Sims 2 until having a stiff neck is 100 times better than coming online. Seriously!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Happy Malaysia Day!

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Today is Malaysia Day where Sabah and Sarawak joined the Malay states to formed government in the 1963. As a treat, I will show you more Sabah pictures from my weeks ago holiday.

Group photo at the Sabah State Museum
Does it look like a class photo?

At Tanjung Aru

Cute Ghost crabs (a.k.a Sand Crab)

Ghost crab and it's hole

Me and Arlene watching the sunset

Pretty girls, local and 'imported'

Sunset and the beautiful sun ray

Chocolate cake!

Final gathering night at Audrey's house

Chocolate forest cake...super nice!

Sequel: Kudat day trip

The peaceful paddy fields 

Rough road to Tg.Simpang Mengayau (Tip of Borneo)


Me and Serena

I wonder what is beyond the deep blue sea

We're savouring every moment of the beauty
Here we are, Tip of Borneo (With Ye Ling and Arlene)

On the way back - Pink Sky

It was such great fun driving in pitch dark together. I could feel the heart of Sabah beating, and it's peaceful.

Monday, 15 September 2008

List of movies I want to watch

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According to GSC, these are the movies showing until December (at least my short term plan is until December) which I want to watch:-

  • The Other Boleyn Girl
  • Lady Cop and Papa Crook
  • Body of Lies
  • Wild Child
  • Ip Man
  • Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging
Gosh...anymore nice upcoming movies?

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Dream forecast?

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I just had a dream that the CLP consist of maths paper. Maths????!!! The last time I did a maths paper was 5-6 years ago.

Usually, law exam will take 3 hours (9am to 12pm) and candidates will need to answer 4 questions (standard external exam scenario). I dreamt that I was doing some draft answer to be written in the answer book. The paper consist of 14 questions and I could only answer 5 questions. And time was ticking. By the time I did what I know, it was already 11.20am!

I dreamt that I haven't put much effort in the maths paper as I don't recall doing any assignments on it. Further, I hadn't paid any attention during maths class (in the dream, suppose to be taught by our real Evidence lecturer).

Definitely failing the maths exam.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

And the excitement continues..

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Next, the ATC CF came for a week-long visit.

At Upper Star, eve of the ATC CF group's arrival

Having lunch after arrival at 1Borneo's New York New York

My adventure with the gang begun at KK Adventure Park (Dom went back to KL).

Getting ready for *ACTION!

KK Adventure Park offers many action packed activities which is most fun if you go with a group of friends. It's not a very huge place, but we ended up spending the whole day there. By evening, all of us were sore from neck to arms and nicely sunbaked.

This is a High rope challenge. Behind is wall climbing.

One of the challenges

Flying Fox. To get there, need to climb a 40 metre high metal ladder.

Beach buggies and quad bikes

Getting ready for sea kayaking!

I think the best part is kayaking because that is the only activity I'm good at.

  • I wasn't determined enough to complete wall climbing
  • High Ropes is ok but i fell in one of the challenges. Wrong foot forward.
  • The ladder up to flying fox is tedious and shaky.
  • Quad bike is ok
  • I'm just not physically fit and mentally prepared.

It was a fun day nevertheless. We sang in the middle of the sea (led by Edmund). Aside from me and Serena (we shared the same kayak), the rest even played team-building game in the middle of the sea. What a fun! Me and Serena did not join that part as I was more cautious of jellyfish and it was her 1st time kayaking. So we rather not take any risk of falling into the waters.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

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Who can be more excited than normal KK folks when we actually have a zoo nearby. It's a 20 minutes drive from Penampang. I believe that the zoo had just recently opened around Febuary 2007.

I love the entrance.

very 'Survivor' like feel..

In a hot day like this, visitors are scarce. Hence, the 'tranquility' when we visited the wildlife park.

In the beginning, I was entertained by talking birds and singing bird. Not bad. These birds can say 'Selamat datang' (Welcome).

A glimpse of the hornbill

And a peacock

And the friendly elephants

Taking a nice dip in a hot weather

He's quite friendly...and hungry

2 elephants dancing in joy

I think that the only group of animals enjoying our visit is the elephants. They danced, they tried to get near to us visitors and even perform their bathing sessions. Since it was 12-1pm when i visited and it was super hot with the sun directly over my head, I think the other animals were equally suffering under the heat as well. That is why they tried their best to sleep to forget the heat.


Aside from these, the other animals look pretty same, nothing bizzare. I wished they had tiger cubs.

And by the way, the park offers no buggy ride. So you need to walk around. It's certainly silly ito go in a hot afternoon.

Next time any zoos I'm going to, it has to be early in the morning, evening or nightime...where the animals are more enthusiastic to greet me when I say "Hallo".

Destination Sabah (Part 2)

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I admit that this took me dinasour years to update! 1 word ==>La*y

Ok, here we start. The journey continues to Tanjung Lipat, Likas. For those who are wondering where it is, it's a stretch all the way after jetty to Yayasan Sabah.

can you see Yayasan Sabah? The beach is quite dirty here. Wouldn't go there for picnic.

If anyone happens to drive along Tg.Lipat, you can see sparkling sea, few opposite islands and peaceful buildings. Don't bother going to the beach.


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