Friday, 27 November 2009

Power cut more frequent in Sabah

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Actually Namewee's infamous TNB video was posted some time ago. Only now the government has discovered it. Slow, right?

Read also TheStar here

Oh well, I must add one more thing. I believe West Malaysia's power supply is a lot better than Sabah's counterpart. But really, power cut is damn irritating when you are in the midst of something urgent.

This was what happened on a fine Monday afternoon when I was to finish a submission with my boss due the next day. To everyone's dismay, there was a power cut at Jalan Pantai, Kota Kinabalu for 2 1/2 hours! We finally finished our work in the office at only around 2 am. If there wasn't a power cut, all of us (including the support staffs) could have gone back by 11 pm.

Would you still be complaining politely then?

Perhaps SESB and it's independent power suppliers should also apologize to us Sabahans? In the month of October and November, I've endured 5 power cuts; 3 at the office and 2 at home.

Make sure this Gas-powered plant is not second hand!

Monday, 16 November 2009


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I think I owe my blog some nice holiday pictures. The last holiday I blogged about was my trip to Cambodia . Worse still, I only had time to blog about my first day at Siem Reap. I owe Angkor Wat the beautiful pictures I took. Soon, soon!

Ok back to Pangkor, I had the chance to go with Phang, Dom and Serena during my 'career break' after finishing chambering on 12.9.2009-15.9.2009 ( a night at Sitiawan).

No, no..we are not at Pangkor yet...
Look at the beautiful emerald green waters

The hotel we stayed - Anjungan Resort

We checked in to a family suite. It's a 2 floored room. The lower floor house has a Queen sized bed while the upper floor has 2 single beds. I love the ambience.

this is the upperfloor. One would think they can have a good nap or sleep overlooking the outside window. Aside from aircond, they will have a stand fan to boost. you can see, the upperfloor is the zinc roof directly. So instead of enjoying the perfect panoramic view of the room while sleeping, those unlucky fellas to sleep upstairs will have to battle with the heat from the zinc roof and moths flying around. The aircond unit is only enough to keep downstairs cool.

But the the upperfloor still looks nice.

Overview of the hotel. Very clean.

The Pangkor Experience

Ok, when we were there it was still Ramadhan month. So the whole island (aside from its residence) basically belongs only few tourists like us. Even the hawker stalls along the beach did not open, not even in the evening. We stayed opposite Teluk Nipah and 5 minutes walk from Coral Bay.

Our food source came from the town. 
Food in Pangkor is very cheap - RM2.50 for a bowl of noodles!

Teluk Nipah...nice beach free for us, anytime anyday - night time also can

As we rented a car, we conquered the whole island within 30 minutes drive. Cool eh?! No traffic jam but need to watch out for 'Initial-D' like bends and motorbikes. The road only cater for 1 car per way and only 1 way. Some sites even recommended that you can even cycle around the island. Unless you are training for some cycling marathon, don't even think about it! There was when we drove past a very exhausted cyclist, he can't help but looked totally envious that we're comfortably in a car wheezing past him.

The Dutch Fort

Pangkor Town

Sunset at Teluk Nipah

Coral Bay

Snorkelling near one of the smaller islands...look at the fishes!

Inedible black sea cucumber


A glimpse of Pangkor Laut
As we're not rich (and no sponsors) all we can do is to catch a glimpse of the famous top resort - Pangkor Laut Beach Resort.

 Must take group photo

Emerald green seawater. If only there's emeralds buried under.

The Fishing Village

Fishing dock belonging to a friend of Serena

The Jetty carpark and the famous pink vans

Oh and also one thing about Pangkor is that aside from Pasir Bogak and the residential and town area, the rest of the island is pitch dark at night. Fret not, I did not encounter any supernatural experience while being there. Only sounds of waves will fill your ears at night (and maybe your friends' noises).

In fact, I couldn't forget the moments when me and my friends visited Coral Bay on our final night stay to search for for the blue simmering don't-know-what-is-that on the beach. It's so pitch dark and yet peaceful. And only the sound of waves to keep us company.

Would I want to visit Pangkor again? YES.

p/s: Special thanks to Foo Woei and Serena's friend for the company spoiling us with food.



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Now everybody loves cats, don't we? I enjoy having throngs of cats following me everywhere I go. This including a new set of cats young and old where I'm staying now temporarily.

Remember the gold cats?

In this temporary house I'm staying at...we've got more varieties. Let's see.

Orange patches and black stripes (with hidden orange hues).

And they love to hunt pigeons together.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Convenience fee

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I wonder, what is the purpose of Airasia's convenience fee charged on credit cards and debit cards when purchasing its air tickets online. I believe this fee was not being charged previously and only implemented recently.

I wonder, I wonder!

It's RM5 per way per person. For a round trip, you'll need to pay another RM10 just because you used your credit card.

If 4 person is booking at the same time for a round trip, then expect to pay a total of RM40 for its so-called convenience fee.

As a consumer, I don't find this convenient at all!


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A peek at my room in the office. Today I had the opportunity to open the window shutter, means more sunlight! Hooray!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


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Moving all my current posts to my old blog address -

Major revamps once i figure out what I want to do. Haha!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


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Hello there! After a long major haul in blogging due to tight working schedules, I'll be back soon with some revamp to this blog. Initially I thought of either deleting it or just keep it as it is (idle), but whatever I've blogged here are sort of my own journal. It's for me and for me to share with the world.

I've always tried to write only positive and happy thoughts. Afterall, why do we want to be burdened with melancholies and toxic thoughts after a day of dealing with nonsense.

As my corelDraw CD is deep in one of the many boxes (my house at home is undergoing major renovation work, hence most personal belongings is being kept in boxes), I am not able to change some of the layout in this blog. Mind you, I'm terribly ashamed that the header is still bearing the year '2008'!

Don't worry, don't will be replaced soon. Hopefully very soon..


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