Friday, 30 May 2008

Kotobian Tadau Tagazo do Kaamatan

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Happy Harvest Festival!! This is my 1st time not in Sabah for the festival.
Nevertheless, may Sabah be blessed with good harvest this year!

And may everyone harvest good exam results too... ^_^

If only we have lihing here...yum yum!!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Life in the library

0 Yawns better than studying at home, where you have to battle with the room temperature. I wonder why recently the weather has been very hot and humid. Must be the global warming thing.

If only I have air-cond in my room!!!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Abolishing CLP

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Surely our new Law Minister is the man! The thousand cries of students having to endure this nightmarish exam have finally been heard (including me). It was stated that the the Common Bar Course / Examination is in the final stages of introduction, which doesn't really affect me now unless i'll be failing CLP (Certificate of Legal Practice) 2-3 times before CBC comes into full force.

So today's agenda is still in status quo: STUDY HARD and Harder...

But i hope that we'll be the last batch for CLP because if any of us fail it, at least we still have the CBC. For your information, the passing rate for CLP examinations has always been around 20% and most who failed do not know why they fail. Further, nowhere in our subject guide or any as such mentioned about passing marks and grading system.

At least our Law Minister bother into looking at this problem. Thank I'm trying to pass CLP in 1 sitting. Hopefully I'll only have to experience CBC from the 'bird's eye view'. It'll be exciting to see my juniors going for this new course ( maybe i will too, but then...I'm desperate to pass it in 1 sitting).

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Doing your share

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Sharing is not easy Certainly not. It's very easy when you are not selfish and considerate, or when you are in your most generous mood.

How about sharing household chores? Ahh.....a dread isn't it? How nice if all of us have a personal maid to do all cleaning up jobs for us. Then no need for us to sweep the floor, wipe off food crumbs, scrub toilets, take out the trash etc etc...

But most who are staying with parents or a family shouldn't be a problem. At least in a family, there would be mutual consensus as who will do what. Or at least most likely for these consensus. I'm referring to a household without a domestic helper.

But what about a shared house between adults? It needs to be cleaned too...And it's unfair to be done by 1 person only, ALL THE TIME. I once stayed in a place where each of us has our own broom in the room. Ridiculous, but at least the room gets cleaned.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Time wasters

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During revision, most students in class would not want the lecturers to waste time. There are so many exam questions to discuss and many issues needs to be resolved. Example when a lecturer are wasting time:-

  • Telling too many unlaughable jokes
  • Never answering questions properly
  • Passing off other's work
  • Bitching
  • Only provide a 'can pass lah' kind of answers (low grade)

Sometimes students are not that stupid, we know which lecturer put in the effort and which doesn't.

Losing weight

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I probably would've realised it some days ago, but today comfirmed everything. I have lose weight! It's depressing because my figure doesn't allow me to lose further weight, else i'll walk like a skeleton.

When I wore a body fitting shirt today, I was wondering why did the shirt became so loose. Someone suggested that it could be the works of a washing machine. How comforting.

Yeah, but what to do. I'm so envious of my other classmates who can gain weight during exam stress. At least they look healthier. Somehow I wished there's a machine for fat transfering.


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