Friday, 26 November 2010

AirAsia ripping us off again

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Previously they decided to charge us for convenience fee although it's just plain logical to use credit cards to purchase tickets online. Now they want to charge us for checking in at the counters. Read here

What the hell, Tony?! 

If I go holiday, say to Cambodia, how are you expecting me to go online to check in and print out that boarding pass? Hey hey!!! This is not right. More so to rip us AFTER all those promos. 

This is really unethical. Ok, when has AirAsia been ethical anyway? 

Soon they'll be charging to use the stairs to board and disembark the flight and to use the umbrella when raining.

Running over cats and dogs

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This morning while on the way to work, I witnessed a white cat almost being ran over by a 4WD. OMG!! Thankfully the car was kind enough to slow down so that the cat can run back to safety and think twice about crossing the road. In fact my father said that the cat was attempting to cross the road for few time. Heck, why can't they just stay properly in one place?! Poor cat poor cat.

A good 10 minutes after driving, we then saw blood smears on the road. A dog. Black colour dog being ran over and we couldn't swerve on time to avoid driving over it. >>.<<

Some years ago while driving to Ranau, I remembered a dog which had his front limbs being knocked by a car. OMG the dog was in tremendous pain and keep on crying. It hopped in front of a big lorry to cry for help and I refuse to see what happened after that. Perhaps the lorry driver would be kind to it. I hope. 

Perhaps what drivers can do is not to accelerate when seeing animals crossing. In less busy roads, it doesn't hurt get out of the car to remove these animals from blocking your way. But I guess most of the time, these things just happens.  

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Everybody loves Jackie Evancho

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With that voice of hers, don't ..don't tell me you don't

This is one of those times when one can applaud for a good ten minutes with tears in the eyes.

One more

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Liu Xiaobo's controversial Nobel Peace Prize

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"When someone slaps you in the face, insults your motherland and rips up the dignity of your people, you cannot talk nice, be a good student and try to create a good impression."
obtained from here 

Full translation of the above quote:-

One cannot say that the Nobel Prize is pointless. Each year, this group of people spend so much time, effort and money to do this, so there must be some point. Superficially, this is about advancing peace among mankind. But this does not stop the Nobel Committee from giving the prize to a warmonger. Just as soccer fans sometimes fail to understand the actions of the referees, the people of the world were astonished to watch the shameless sight of a Nobel Peace Prize winner talking about the significance of his prize while “surging” troops into Afghanistan and also selling USD 6.392 billions worth of armaments to Taiwan. The shame ought to be shared equally by the prize winner and the Nobel Committee.
Some people wondered what happens now that the Chinese traitor has won the Nobel Prize. I can’t see anything happening to China. Even though China was overmatched in the Korean and Vietnam wars, Big Brother did not achieve total victory. So we can forget about that today. But we must also make sure that we don’t degrade ourselves. When someone wants to lecture us with “The Nobel Prize reflects universal values, and therefore China must do this or that …” we must maintain our composure and answer sternly. We will not break down in tears, pour our hearts out and discuss how we will pursue these so-called universal values. When the other Nobel Prize winner American president Barack Obama calls for us to release so-and-so, you must have the courage to correct him: “No. China has an independent judiciary which will not be ordered about by you.” When someone slaps you in the face, insults your motherland and rips up the dignity of your people, you cannot talk nice, be a good student and try to create a good impression. You need to have some backbone. You need to be confident about Chinese culture and the political system first, before you hold a dialogue with outsiders.
-Sima Nan-

I do have an opinion about Liu Xiaobo and the Chinese (Chinese nationals) nationalism but it'll be too long and complicated and I'll end up being confused myself. :-P And I'm on the same boat as many others who opines that western-style democracy is not necessarily the best option for all (despite Malaysia adopting parliamentary democracy, in which sometimes too are flawed). What every country needs is a good and capable leader. Even if a country adopts democracy but its leaders are the biggest suckers of all, the country will still be on the losing end. 

My take on China is that it has gone through so many good and bad emperors and rulers and it still survives. It survived 5000 years without democracy. 

Got problem?

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Malaysian Patriotism

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It is revealed our Defence Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is quite eccentric when he said that the "lack of patriotism" is the reason for low number of non-Malays to join the arm forces. Read here.


One pertinent question before I continue : How is one's career choice determines his patriotism?
Next question is : How do we measure patriotism?
Next next question is : What is patriotism?

Next following the next question : If patriotism is measured by joining the arm forces, should we, Malaysians of all races, religion, age and gender sign up to join the arm forces so that we can show our patriotism?

You know, I think it's kinda cool to have the whole country of armies. It must be cool to stay and work in the barracks and to free ourselves from bread and butter issues (because the government is going to pay our salaries). It'll be so cool that day in day out we'll only have to wait for war befalling on our country (God forbid!). If the imagined enemies fail to show up at our shores, fret not. We'll  just head home after 5.30pm to catch up some drama series from Astro. 

Good Malaysians needless be perplexed on this issue. Time is better spent in planning for your holidays after purchasing that free seat from AirAsia. 

Monday, 8 November 2010

Revolutionary kiss

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For those who grew up with TVB, this kiss is very revolutionary indeed. VERY.

Scene from - Catch Me Now (2008) 原来爱上贼

The Male Actor: Eric Li Tin Cheung
The Female Actor: Celine Ma


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