Thursday, 21 February 2008


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While in Probate class today, my lecturer had a slur when he said 'widow' as window'. Naturally, we all laugh and so did he. While Esther was sitting next to me, she cooked up this lame joke.

" Q: In what way when a husband/wife died, the husband/wife becomes a window instead of a widow?"

Hmhmhmh.....deep thoughts.

I can't think of the answer.

"A: It is when the death of the husband/wife is a way out or escape route"

It is a joke to be applaud on especially on Chap Goh Mei, the end of Chinese New Year celebration and which is also known as the Chinese Valentine's Day. Yes, laugh.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Succumbing to peer pressures

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I thought peer pressures only exist among school going youngsters who are too young still to have their own stand. What their classmate has, they want it too. All the more, they yearn for the latest, the hippiest and the coolest. They admire trends and want to be trendsetter. The beauty of youngsters? (At least during school days there's a lot of reading materials to help kids realise and overcome peer pressures)

When you thought it'll end when you hit adulthood, well no. Now, what car does your college/uni friends drive, you want it too. What brand of shirt they're wearing, you secretly buy them the next day. They have a new hairstyle, and you want to look like that too...peer pressure continues. But at a bigger cost. The silliest part is, they have a gorgeous looking girlfriend, and you lust for her too! (or gorgeous looking boyfriend)

And when you are a matured working adult, you have peer pressure to buy bigger house, to renovate it, to buy posh cars, to have smart children, to have children to wear Gucci and Barbie Doll continues....even until the day you have a grand funeral.

Why not just admit that you are envious of what your neighbour has? And to feel proud that you can look better?

Monday, 18 February 2008

General elections, anyone?

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I suppose this phenomena does not only occur in Malaysia, not the General Elections, but the ugliness of it. Talking about democracy, I believe such a thing hardly exist. Oh, but at least it's better than having a dictatorship, right? Maybe..

One day when I was flying back from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur, before the airplane touched down at LCCT, KL, I noticed a lush green piece of land. Perhaps there was a farmer working on the land. I was wondering, how nice the farmer though a bit poor financially, was happily working on his land. He had enough to feed his family and adequately clothed them. He also provides a roof over their head. Though he has nothing much, but he rejoice to the fruits of his labour, and give thanks to the Lord. He stretches out his hand and praises God. His family likewise. They are content and grateful. Happy is the man who has simple life.

And then I was thinking, what does it mean that humankind are too preoccupied with themselves? I looked back to the skyscrappers, the cars zooming here and there, the busy phones and endless activities around the city. What are these people busy for? A 'better life'?

To add up to the facade of life are these bickering ministers who neverendingly backstap each other in the name of providing a better future for the country. Yes yes, I know that's what always happen during election time. I mean if you are good, you are good. If you're not, then you resort to all sorts of lies to cover up your a***s. Speaking of 'matured' adults.

Today my heart dropped when Batu Gajah MP (Opposition party) decides to pull out of the elections. To add insult to the injury, the mainstream newspaper which was owned by the ruling government stated that this is due to their own agenda or whatever of that sort. They even dug from previous leaders of that opposition that the party actually has it's problems. BUT, I know that is a ploy to defeat the Opposition party. Well, fellow voters...there are times when you have to stop reading mainstream media and start reading the alternative ones. I mean, the ruling government can't be that saintly isn't it.....remember..there's a lot of 'holier than thou' ministers (or people). Don't tell me that they are free of their own personal monetary agenda but instead really worked hard for the country.

Let us recall that :-
  • the roads and amenities were never repaired 4 years ago until recently.
  • price of goods are accelerating at a speedier than speedy rate.
  • ungentlemanly behaviour of ministers who made fun of women's monthly period and women's beauty at age 50.
  • minister who wielded keris as though waving a flag.
  • A leader who always took overseas trip, wasting national expenditure.
  • the unbecoming judiciary.
  • unsolved crimes.
  • minister who thought he didn't look like a monkey.
  • more and more illegal assemblies - for whatever reasons.
  • information minister who is ill-informed of informations.
  • sexy health minister.
  • urge to mission schools or previous mission schools to take down religious symbols.
  • frequent dead body snatchings.
  • frequent house of prayer demolitions.
  • inconsistent official statements.
  • citizens who refused to fly the flag on their car because they are unhappy with the government.
  • son-in-law.
  • the minister who said all bloggers are 'goblok'
...and all the comedies which entertained our overworked life. Thank you so much!

General election...are you voting? Or are you too busy for it? Or would you rather dream for the lush green piece of land?

Life goes on..hopefully for the better.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

1st day of New Year

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Early morning, my family woke up to attend mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral for the New Year. The mass was celebrated with elements of the Chinese customs such as the Chinese drum beats and cymbals. Lyrics of the common New Year songs were changed into praise and worship songs. The homily was about Chinese culture of praying to the gods by various ways...which showed that human being always look for a hope in their lives. Although as Christians we're not supposed to look for other 'gods' for help and hope because we already have God in our lives, however we must constantly keep a strong faith and trust in our God to provide for our needs. Hence, instead of always looking for "cai" (wealth), it is more meaningful to look for health, joy and peace in our hearts.

But let us not 'hesitate' to say "Gong Xi Fa Cai" (wishing you a prosperous wealth) , "Hong bao na lai" (Red envelope, please!) to those who is going to give you the red packet (Hong Bao) in the hope we'll get a bigger and bigger packet year after year! hehehehehehe......

Below are some lion dance pictures which I took outside the church after the mass.

Chinese New Year in a clear blue sky...the dance troup were waiting for the people to gather around.

3 cute big cats

Half of the crowd

Yah! It jumped

A very tricky pose

Landing after a pole jump..and the coat flew. Thud!

"hei..what's this?"

Stand up straight and strettttttccccchhhhh

Say hi to the Bishop!

And here's a video of a stunt by this beautiful purple lion....

Once again, happy new year!

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Happy Chinese New Year 2008!

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Welcome to the year of the rat, where the cat will feast! Hohohoho....cats will be happily pouncing on every rats that they'll see.

the cat patiently waiting

Then it posed...taking a comfortable position

Hello, rat!

credit to Dom's

Wishing all my family and friends a happy and prosperous new year, may your studies and/or career be fruitful and in abundance. Wishing you all good health with peace and joy in the family.

I heard over the radio that those who are born in the year of Ox, will have a great year ahead! Those who are lucky, may you bless others who are not as lucky as you.

Xin Nian Kuai Le!


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