Friday, 26 November 2010

AirAsia ripping us off again

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Previously they decided to charge us for convenience fee although it's just plain logical to use credit cards to purchase tickets online. Now they want to charge us for checking in at the counters. Read here

What the hell, Tony?! 

If I go holiday, say to Cambodia, how are you expecting me to go online to check in and print out that boarding pass? Hey hey!!! This is not right. More so to rip us AFTER all those promos. 

This is really unethical. Ok, when has AirAsia been ethical anyway? 

Soon they'll be charging to use the stairs to board and disembark the flight and to use the umbrella when raining.

Running over cats and dogs

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This morning while on the way to work, I witnessed a white cat almost being ran over by a 4WD. OMG!! Thankfully the car was kind enough to slow down so that the cat can run back to safety and think twice about crossing the road. In fact my father said that the cat was attempting to cross the road for few time. Heck, why can't they just stay properly in one place?! Poor cat poor cat.

A good 10 minutes after driving, we then saw blood smears on the road. A dog. Black colour dog being ran over and we couldn't swerve on time to avoid driving over it. >>.<<

Some years ago while driving to Ranau, I remembered a dog which had his front limbs being knocked by a car. OMG the dog was in tremendous pain and keep on crying. It hopped in front of a big lorry to cry for help and I refuse to see what happened after that. Perhaps the lorry driver would be kind to it. I hope. 

Perhaps what drivers can do is not to accelerate when seeing animals crossing. In less busy roads, it doesn't hurt get out of the car to remove these animals from blocking your way. But I guess most of the time, these things just happens.  

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Everybody loves Jackie Evancho

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With that voice of hers, don't ..don't tell me you don't

This is one of those times when one can applaud for a good ten minutes with tears in the eyes.

One more

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Liu Xiaobo's controversial Nobel Peace Prize

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"When someone slaps you in the face, insults your motherland and rips up the dignity of your people, you cannot talk nice, be a good student and try to create a good impression."
obtained from here 

Full translation of the above quote:-

One cannot say that the Nobel Prize is pointless. Each year, this group of people spend so much time, effort and money to do this, so there must be some point. Superficially, this is about advancing peace among mankind. But this does not stop the Nobel Committee from giving the prize to a warmonger. Just as soccer fans sometimes fail to understand the actions of the referees, the people of the world were astonished to watch the shameless sight of a Nobel Peace Prize winner talking about the significance of his prize while “surging” troops into Afghanistan and also selling USD 6.392 billions worth of armaments to Taiwan. The shame ought to be shared equally by the prize winner and the Nobel Committee.
Some people wondered what happens now that the Chinese traitor has won the Nobel Prize. I can’t see anything happening to China. Even though China was overmatched in the Korean and Vietnam wars, Big Brother did not achieve total victory. So we can forget about that today. But we must also make sure that we don’t degrade ourselves. When someone wants to lecture us with “The Nobel Prize reflects universal values, and therefore China must do this or that …” we must maintain our composure and answer sternly. We will not break down in tears, pour our hearts out and discuss how we will pursue these so-called universal values. When the other Nobel Prize winner American president Barack Obama calls for us to release so-and-so, you must have the courage to correct him: “No. China has an independent judiciary which will not be ordered about by you.” When someone slaps you in the face, insults your motherland and rips up the dignity of your people, you cannot talk nice, be a good student and try to create a good impression. You need to have some backbone. You need to be confident about Chinese culture and the political system first, before you hold a dialogue with outsiders.
-Sima Nan-

I do have an opinion about Liu Xiaobo and the Chinese (Chinese nationals) nationalism but it'll be too long and complicated and I'll end up being confused myself. :-P And I'm on the same boat as many others who opines that western-style democracy is not necessarily the best option for all (despite Malaysia adopting parliamentary democracy, in which sometimes too are flawed). What every country needs is a good and capable leader. Even if a country adopts democracy but its leaders are the biggest suckers of all, the country will still be on the losing end. 

My take on China is that it has gone through so many good and bad emperors and rulers and it still survives. It survived 5000 years without democracy. 

Got problem?

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Malaysian Patriotism

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It is revealed our Defence Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is quite eccentric when he said that the "lack of patriotism" is the reason for low number of non-Malays to join the arm forces. Read here.


One pertinent question before I continue : How is one's career choice determines his patriotism?
Next question is : How do we measure patriotism?
Next next question is : What is patriotism?

Next following the next question : If patriotism is measured by joining the arm forces, should we, Malaysians of all races, religion, age and gender sign up to join the arm forces so that we can show our patriotism?

You know, I think it's kinda cool to have the whole country of armies. It must be cool to stay and work in the barracks and to free ourselves from bread and butter issues (because the government is going to pay our salaries). It'll be so cool that day in day out we'll only have to wait for war befalling on our country (God forbid!). If the imagined enemies fail to show up at our shores, fret not. We'll  just head home after 5.30pm to catch up some drama series from Astro. 

Good Malaysians needless be perplexed on this issue. Time is better spent in planning for your holidays after purchasing that free seat from AirAsia. 

Monday, 8 November 2010

Revolutionary kiss

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For those who grew up with TVB, this kiss is very revolutionary indeed. VERY.

Scene from - Catch Me Now (2008) 原来爱上贼

The Male Actor: Eric Li Tin Cheung
The Female Actor: Celine Ma

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Zhang Jia Jie 张家界 - The real deal

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People say picture speaks a thousand words and its true. I have no other words to describe the magnificent views in Zhangjiajie except that the cable cars were crazy. Whoever built it were crazy! How on earth did they managed it?! Its crazy I tell you. The ride was fantastic blessed with superb views. I was totally awed.....until now. 

I was telling my cousin that I pity those who has to go up the hill via this road. Doesn't it look worse than the ones at 'Tokyo Drift'? But you know what? We got a taste of this road when travelling to Tian Men San 天门山. Wasn't as scary as I thought. Phewwwwww....And the bus drivers were good. 

Another crazy road. *white on earth did they make that road??

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Zhang Jia Jie 张家界 - Travelling

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1st day of travel consist of 2 1/2 hours flight from Kota Kinabalu to Shenzhen, 2 1/2 hours bus ride from Shenzhen to Guangzhou and 2 hours train ride from Guangzhou to Changsha, Hunan. Basically whole day of travelling. 

2-3rd day - traveled from Changsha to Shaoshan, Chairman Mao Zedong's hometown. Visited his childhood home and Mao Zedong's square. After that was 7+ hours bus ride to FengHuang. 7 HOURS...please take note. I slept, woke up, slept and woke up..slept again and woke up and it was still 3.30 pm in the afternoon and the bus was still running. Everybody's head were dangling from the sideways. Caught some drooling..nah..LOL I was sitting behind so the most I could see was people's hair turned into a 鸡公头 (rooster head)After hours of 'fishing' in the bus finally we get to see FengHuang Ancient City. It was awesome and totally worth the 7 hours ride - at the same time was drop dead tired. 

Ah..let me show you something..

The megalong queues (sometimes lasted to close to about 30 minutes) we had to endure when entering tourist spots. China internal tourism is crazy. These people love cutting queues and pushing around. Now, it's not just the Chinese who are doing this. The Korean aunties are 2x5. Malaysians are too small sized to do anything. >.< Plus, our voices added up together are not as loud any ONE of them. Serious.

This is the scenic view in front of Chairman Mao's childhood home. It's so beautiful that I don't even feel like leaving. If only his old home is up for sale. :-P

Me and my cousin

The tour group at Mao Zedong's square. Try spotting youngster... :-P

Geese at a restaurant at FengHuang Ancient City. Hmhmhm...might have ended up in someone's plate by now. >.<

Vats of tasty wine. By the way, the alcohol content of the wine made by Tujia's are quite high. Approx 50-60% which is higher than your regular whisky. Gulp at one go and it burns like mad, though the smell is really good.

Map of FengHuang Ancient City. I was informed that there were 3 or 4 streets and a river. They even have bars (yes!) which is kinda cool. Someday I would love to stay for few nights to enjoy the village clubbing scene. Just picture ancient Chinese building with modern Chinese songs. Shopping at FengHuang is a must. In fact I regretted not buying some of the items there. Sigh..should I really make that 7 hours trip there in the future??

Houses built on stilts facing Tujiang (the river). The boats are for hired accompanied by famous Tujia folk songs (Tujia folks love to sing).

Another ancient city of Furong.

After Furong, we headed to Zhangjiajie.

Zhang Jia Jie 张家界, Hunan Province

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I just came back from this place and before I forget my most memorable experience there, I think I should blog about it. While gathering my thoughts, I shall post this picture as a preview to what is upcoming.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Illustrated history of mankind

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Warning: PG18
Found this really cool photo while I was surfing. .

Monday, 4 October 2010

Why I think is Namewee just an internet phenomenon (and not superstar)

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Alright, I don't know if he did aim to be a superstar but who cares, huh. This guy undeniably got talents but a misused talent I must say. He has the right voice but LOUSIEST lyrics (except for Negarakuku which is rather phenomenal).

Today I watched his latest video: 

The nice opening melody is totally spoilt by the frequent *toot toot self censorship and meaningless lyrics. I expected something better. :-(

From the look of his Facebook page, it seems that a lot of younger ethnic Chinese are unhappy with the things going on around Malaysia (who the hell is happy anyway). Hey, but there's a lot of other ways of expressing that gloom. Say, doing a parody? Or injecting loads of sarcasm? As an educated generation, the last thing we do is to express ourselves with vulgarities and profanities. Maybe an occasional 'f' and 's' word is fine but MODERATION please!

I think schools should start teaching pupils what is courtesy and fairness. You be fair to other people before expecting them to be fair to you. Agree?

Anyway, kudos to Namewee's many balls - but I did expect something better than this!!

p/s: This is a genuine demand/request for quality music.

Excuse me, what is wrong with vernacular schools?

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I really do not know what is the hoo-hah about these vernacular schools except that it is just any other regular national schools, except maybe the medium of instruction is not in Malay. 

Recently there are spat amongst the Malays (I'm not sure left or right wing since I can't differentiate it) and those so-called very Malaysians inside out to the core called for the abolishment of vernacular schools. Outrageous I tell you! For the record, I did not graduate from vernacular school but I'm still going to speak for it nevertheless. I'm all for learning mother tongue.

Point one - Regular National type schools does not offer mother tongue subjects

Ya ya..we all know the pride of Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa (language the heart of a race) and the super importance of English being the international language. Everybody is rushing to brush up their fluency in English (some refused to improve their English because they think being monolingual in Malay language is sufficient to survive in Malaysia) that mother tongue seems completely obsolete.  So they start attacking those who are determined to learn and speak mother tongues by saying that these people refuses to assimilate. Anti-social they call them. :-(

  • Mother tongue = adopting the Singaporean definition, it means the language of one's ethnic group regardless of actual proficiency.
Mother tongues are symbol of cultural identity. Speaking any other language besides Malay or English does not make someone less Malaysian. Malaysia is made up of many many races and religions. So being strictly monolingual or bilingual doesn't look very Malaysian, don't you think? Ok, at the very least, it doesn't hurt to acquire a third, fourth or fifth language. Vernacular school is the solution.

Point two - Malay language is a compulsory subject in vernacular schools

Clearly, if vernacular school students are 'retarded' in communicating in Malay, the solution is to call for more quality language education in these schools. Get more proficient Malay language teachers perhaps?

Hate their squarish accent? Not everyone is perfect lah. We don't poke fun at those who can't speak fluent Mandarin aside from giggling from an out of tune pronunciation. Look, I've mis-pronounced hell load of times. Lantak lah!

p/s: Speaking about fluency, does anyone actually speak Bahasa Malaysia BAKU?

Point three - the Laws does not prohibit it

Please refer to Article 152 of the Federal Constitution and Section 17 of the Education Act 1996. 

Article 152: (1) The national language shall be the Malay language and shall be in such script as Parliament may by law provide:
Provided that -
(a) no person shall be prohibited or prevented from using (otherwise than for official purposes), or from teaching or learning, any other language; and
(b) nothing in this Clause shall prejudice the right of the Federal Government or of any State Government to preserve and sustain the use and study of the language of any other community in the Federation.

Section 17 Education Act:   National language as the main medium of instruction.
(1) The national language shall be the main medium of instruction in all educational institutions in the National Education System expect a national-type school established under section 28 or any other educational institution exempted by the Minister from this subsection.
(2) Where the main medium of instruction in an educational institution is other than the national language, the national language shall be taught as a compulsory subject in the educational institution.

Am glad that Malaysian laws are supportive of allowing everyone to learn other languages. As a matter of fact, Malaysians are envied because we can are multilingual. Never mind if we can't master a language 100%. Who cares, as long as the message can go across. 

Point four - Hindrance to unity?!

Look, enrollment to vernacular schools are not limited to that particular type of race only. There are so many Malays and Kadazans who are fluent in Mandarin that I have to beat myself to shame for being illiterate in the Chinese characters.

With due respect, openly name-calling Chinese as 'mata sepet' (squinty eyes) and Indians 'si botol' (drunkard) is more hindrance to unity especially if it's coming from a  person representing the National Civics Bureau. Though I do not have squinty eyes but I can't understand what is so hard about referring to a group of people properly. 

Further, the curriculum in vernacular schools are approved by the Ministry of Education. They learn the same Malaysian history and geography as other national typed schools. So what unity are we talking about here?

Actually, the truth is that malicious prejudice against others is much much more a hindrance to national unity. Eg: stereotyping ethnic Chinese as 'ultra-kiasu' or 'pelacur' (prostitute), stereotyping Malays as lazy pigs, stereotyping Indians as cheaters, snakes. There may be favourable percentage to the truth of those stereotypes but I'm sure there are much more positive ways to address the problems rather than to express ourselves in the negative manner.

I believe in the sayings of 'birds of the same feathers flock together'. I too get ostracized whenever I don't belong to the same wavelength with others but hey, that's the reality of life.

You and I have been of school age so we know that kids are skin colour blind. It is the parents and teachers who should re-educate themselves or refrain from sowing seeds of discord and disharmony on their kids. But with cases like Siti Inshah's, I think well....I rest my case. 


Until and unless the government provide mother tongues as subjects in national typed schools, I think it's only fair to keep those vernacular schools.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

S.H.E SHERO 少了一個人 Shao Le Yi Ge Ren

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Love this song so much that every single time when I listen to this, it reminds me of the wonderful times I had while I was at college (and away from home). I admire the fact that S.H.E has been around the industry for so long and they're still going strong. The girl band is a good example that girlfriends are very important. 

As the time passes, everyone is so caught up with their own life. Sigh!

p/s: I love Ella's new outlook - feminine and yet still tomboyish.


péng you jù huì chăo nào de kuài lè
zài tā men lí kāi yĭ hòu
biàn xī báo
zŏu lù huí jiā
huí xiàng shān dòng de wō
tū rán kĕ wàng yŏu rén néng lái jiē wŏ

pāo zhù rè shuĭ zài yù shì lài zhù
sī niàn què yĕ bèi gŭn tàng
bào yān le
zuì hòu de jiăn xùn
kàn dào néng bēi le
duō jiŭ méi yŏu zài lián luò
yī xiăng hái shì tòng

shăo le
yī gè rén chŏng ài wŏ
péng you de ài
chéng fèn jiù shì bù tóng
zuì nán guò
shì xiào zhù miàn duì bèi xiàn mù zì yóu
liàn hĕn jiŭ de chéng shú
yĕ kuài zhē yăn bù zhù
jì mò

mā ma zài diàn huà li guà niàn wŏ
shàng cì yù yán yòu zhĭ tā
hái jì de
xĭ huan zhuāng méi shì
qí shí zuì léi le
dàn wŏ qīng chu hĕn duō shì
kū le yĕ méi yòng

shăo le
yī gè rén yōng bào wŏ
nà zhŏng yōng bào
gòu wàng le suŏy ŏu
liăng gè rén
jiù suàn xià xuĕ hòu chì jiăo nì zhù fēng
yĕ bù jué de bīng dòng
hái xiào dé bĭ yáng guāng
chì rè

shăo le
yī gè rén dŏng de wŏ
néng gòu tĭ huì
wŏ jué jiàng yòu cuì ruò
bù jì chóu
wēn róu yuán liàng wŏ qíng xù tài guò dòng
yòng lèi guāng shè bù dé
róng huà wŏ lĕi jī de
jì mò
wŏ de jì mò hū

hĕ ngù zhí
無條件愛我 從來沒變過
wú tiáo jiàn ài wŏ cóng lái méi biàn guò
zài dà chăo de shí hou
huì bào zhù wŏ chén mò
bù tòng

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Give Yong Vui Kong a Second Chance to Help Singapore’s Anti-Drug Trafficking Policy Petition

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Give Yong Vui Kong a Second Chance to Help Singapore’s Anti-Drug Trafficking Policy Petition

Yong Vui Kong, a 22-year old Malaysian, was sentenced to mandatory death in January 2009, for trafficking 47 grams of Heroin into Singapore. He had exhausted his appeals by August this year and he’ll be hanged next month! He can only escape execution if the Singapore President grants clemency.

Yong Vui Kong, a 22 year old young man from Sabah, is about to be hanged in Singapore.
He was arrested in 13 June 2007, when he was 18 years and 6 months old, by officers from the Central Narcotics Bureau, Singapore. He was later charged with trafficking drug amounting to 47.27g of heroin, an offence under s 5(1)(a) of the Misuse of Drugs Act (Cap 185). He was convicted in 7 January 2009 and sentenced to death.
In Singapore there is a mandatory death sentence for all drug trafficking cases involving more than 15g of heroin leaving judges no discretion to consider factors such as age, background of the offender or other special circumstances.
Yong was brought up in poverty and had taken on odd jobs at an early age of 10. He received very little education and was left alone without any real guidance. These have eventually led him to the path that damages others’ lives. Yong is a changed person after his imprisonment. Finding faith in Buddhism, he is using the remaining days of his life to counsel fellow inmates and also educate the general public on how drugs destroy life.
Youg Vui Kong has exhausted his appeals. The only hope for his life being spared is if he is granted clemency and his death sentence is commuted to a prison sentence.
The last day for Yong to file petition for clemency is 26 August 2010. After which he will be hanged at anytime.  But his clemency appeal was tinted after the Law Minister K Shanmugam’s controversial comments on the case.
Please take a few minutes to support this urgent petition that appeal to President of the Republic of Singapore, Mr S.R Nathan to give a second chance to Yong.
You can sign the on-line petition and forward the following link to your contacts for support.

Friday, 25 June 2010

What’s the Difference Between Viruses, Trojans, Worms, and Other Malware?

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What is Malware?

The word Malware is short for malicious software, and is a general term used to describe all of the viruses, worms, spyware, and pretty much anything that is specifically designed to cause harm to yourPC or steal your information. 

Viruses Wreak Havoc On Your Files

The term
computer virus is often used interchangeably with malware, though the two don’t actually have the same meaning. In the strictest sense, a virus is a program that copies itself and infects a PC, spreading from one file to another, and then from one PC to another when the files are copied or shared.

Most viruses attach themselves to executable files, but some can target a master boot record, autorun scripts, MS Office macros, or even in some cases, arbitrary files. Many of these viruses, like CIH, are designed to render your PC completely inoperable, while others simply delete or corrupt your files—the general point is that a virus is designed to cause havoc and break stuff. 

You can protect yourself from viruses by making certain your antivirus application is always updated with the latest definitions and avoiding suspicious looking files coming through email or otherwise. Pay special attention to the filename—if the file is supposed to be an mp3, and the name ends in .mp3.exe, you’re dealing with a virus.

Spyware Steals Your Information

Spyware is any software installed on your PC that collects your information without your knowledge, and sends that information back to the creator so they can use your personal information in some nefarious way. This could include keylogging to learn your passwords, watching your searching habits, changing out your browser home and search pages, adding obnoxious browser toolbars, or just stealing your passwords and credit card numbers.

Since spyware is primarily meant to make money at your expense, it doesn’t usually kill your PC—in fact, many people have spyware running without even realizing it, but generally those that have one spyware application installed also have a dozen more. Once you’ve got that many pieces of software spying on you, your PC is going to become slow.

What many people don’t realize about spyware is that not every antivirus software is designed to catch spyware. You should check with the vendor to make sure the application you are using to protect you from malware is actually checking for spyware as well. If you come across a PC that is already heavily infected, run a combination of MalwareBytes and SuperAntiSpyware to clean it thoroughly.

Scareware Holds Your PC for Ransom

Scareware is a relatively new type of attack, where a user is tricked into downloading what appears to be an antivirus application, which then proceeds to tell you that your PC is infected with hundreds of viruses, and can only be cleaned if you pay for a full license. Of course, these scareware applications are nothing more than malware that hold your PC hostage until you pay the ransom—in most cases, you can’t uninstall them or even use the PC.

If you manage to come across a PC infected with one of these, your best bet is to Google the name of the virus and find specific instructions on how to remove it, but the steps are usually the same—run a combination of MalwareBytes, SuperAntiSpyware, and maybe ComboFix if you need to.

For more on scareware, including a full walk-through of how a PC actually gets infected in the first place, check out the guide I wrote on removing Internet Security 2010 and other fake antivirus malware.

Trojan Horses Install a Backdoor

Trojan horses are application that look like they are doing something  innocuous, but secretly have malicious code that does something else. In many cases, trojans will create a backdoor that allows your PC to be remotely controlled, either directly or as part of a botnet—a network of computers also infected with a trojan or other malicious software. The major difference between a virus and a trojan is that trojans don’t replicate themselves—they must be installed by an unwitting user.

Once your PC has been infected with the trojan, it can be used for any number of nefarious purposes, like a denial of service (DoS) attack against a web site, a proxy server for concealing attacks, or even worse—for sending out buckets of spam. Protection against trojans works the same way as viruses—make sure that your antivirus application is up to date, don’t open suspicious attachments, and think long and hard before you try and use a downloaded crack for Photoshop—that’s one of malware authors’ favorite spots to hide a trojan.

Worms Infect Through the Network

Computer worms use the network to send copies of themselves to other PCs, usually utilizing a security hole to travel from one host to the next, often automatically without user intervention. Because they can spread so rapidly across a network, infecting every PC in their path, they tend to be the most well-known type of malware, although many users still mistakenly refer to them as viruses. 

Some of the most famous worms include the ILOVEYOU worm, transmitted as an email attachment, which cost businesses upwards of 5.5 billion dollars in damage. The Code Red worm defaced 359,000 web sites, SQL Slammer slowed down the entire internet for a brief period of time, and the Blaster worm would force your PC to reboot repeatedly.

Because worms often exploit a network vulnerability, they are the one type of malware that can be partially prevented by making sure your firewall is enabled and locked down—you’ll still need an updated antivirus software, of course.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Ole ole ole ole..!! Fifa 2010

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Actually watching the match and blogging at the same time. Yo very excited for FIFA! It's the only football tournament that I'll every watch. My favourite team is South Korea.

Go go South Korea!

But for tonight, I'm supporting South Africa because they're the host. And they scored the 1st GOAL! At the same time, the Mexicans team are quite good looking. Shouldn't I support the good looking one? Hehehhhh....quite torn between both teams.

By the way, is it me or is it my tv? There seems to be buzzing noise as though a large swarm of bees are flying in the pitch while the hunks are busy with the ball.

On a solemn note, it's sad to hear that Mr. Nelson Mandela's great grand-daughter died in a car crash before the match.

Yo Mexico lengzhai SCORED at 11.41pm making it now 1-1. Woooohoooo!

Ok, better get back to the match! :-P

Friday, 21 May 2010

Personality Test : The Verdict

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The first word I'm going to say here is SIGH. Sorry, it's 'The" afterall. Sorry again if you didn't get the joke. It was never meant to be funny before I'm typing this in a very depressing mode. Depressing!!

If I'm not a goody two shoes, then I would have used a lot of swear words. Then all of you will eventually quit reading my blog wondering what happened to this girl. 

I think I'm facing quarter-life crisis. Being stuck with things and choices which will eventually determine me on where I am for the rest of my life. No, it's not wedding bells. It's career.

How many of you think that you've made the worst decision in your life by doing the job you're doing and studying the course you are studying?? I've asked around before and the most common answer I got was "You must pray about it". That's not a very helpful response -_-///

Today, I re-took a career test and discovered the following to be my ideal profession:-  (I'm an INFJ)

career counselor
- Yes, if I'm one, I will advise everyone to choose the career which they're passionate about. Not what their parents tell them to do!!! Not another doctor, engineer, accountant and lawyer only profession. Geez.

- I don't mind doing this but I may ask/advise outside scope out of curiousity..hehehe like certain juicy details.

educational consultant
- I don't know what they do. But assume to be same as career counselor.

special education teacher
- Ok, I'm still fine with this for as long as I don't have to change diapers. But I don't think I'm patient enough to even teach normal kids.

- Is it about read read and read? Or sourcing and arranging for books? Ok only if it's a large library. Small time don't want.

- I'm a born artist inside out. Regrettably didn't have the physical appearance for it.
- Hey not bad.....what play you want? Cheesy dialogues?

- I honestly have always wanted to write a novel but until now can't find a suitable theme. Shall I compile a FICTIONAL  office bitching stories??? Ok, whatever my idea is it's supposed to be confidential. Shhhh....

editor/art director
- Count me in. 

- If only I've taken formal course for this. 

HRM manager
- I love the feeling of having everyone under my mercy for firing and hiring. 

merchandise planner
- Ok no problem. When do you want to launch your products?

environmental lawyer
- Finally a hint of 'lawyer'. Well.........although I'm passionate about keeping the environment clean and unpolluted, I know nuts about fighting for that right except through protests and petitions.

job analyst
mental health counselor
educational consultant
- vaguely boring jobs. Sorry.

What would you actually do if you're not enjoying what you're currently doing?

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Don't ever get sick!!

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If possible, don't ever get sick! This is something I discovered in Facebook which is shocking and worth worrying. Read the wall post by Robiatul Akhma Mohammad.

This is what she posted:

Robiatul Akhma Mohamad kayu api dalam neraka esok2 ni...tapi sedeh fikirkan sape la mak ayah dia ni...lahirkan ank yang......hati penuh ngan titik hitam dah ni...if kata ape2 pom kompem xjalan ni..patutnyer bila dia sakit bagi injection KCL trus,.bia jantung dia xhidup..xlayak bernafas kt bumi ALLAH SWT ni..nauzubillah..

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A nurse suggesting to inject KCL to some guy named "Kafir Bangga" for insulting Islam. A NURSE??!!!

I'm kind enough to paint over their eyes. But I think this is not a joke matter for a nurse, trainee or even someone in the medical profession to say such things. She may have directed it at Kafir Bangga only, but hey, it's still ethically and morally wrong to say such things. It shows that she may someday abuse her position as a nurse to KCL anyone who stepped on her precious tail. Gosh, I'm taking a risk here against the entire nursing profession or anyone in the medical profession who thinks like her. Dangerous wei!!

In case you're wondering who Kafir Bangga is, please read here.

To know what KCL is, please read here and here.

"KCl is used in medicine, scientific applications, food processing and in judicial execution through lethal injection."

"The intravenous injection is usually a sequence of drugs given in a set sequence, designed to first induce unconsciousness followed by death through paralysis of respiratory muscles and/or by cardiac arrest through depolarization of cardiac muscle cells. The execution of the condemned in most states involves three separate injections (in sequential order):

  1. Sodium thiopental: ultra-short action barbiturate, an anaesthetic agent capable of rendering the prisoner unconscious in a few seconds.
  2. Pancuronium: non-depolarizing muscle relaxant, causes complete, fast and sustained paralysis of the skeletal striated muscles, including the diaphragm and the rest of the respiratory muscles; this would eventually cause death by asphyxiation.
  3. Potassium chloride: stops the heart, and thus causes death by cardiac arrest."



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