Thursday, 20 March 2008

Last round of hope

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Due to the upcoming severe exam stress, I will not be able to blog properly until July, unless I have anything extraordinary to voice out here.

I'm almost in the verge of tears and nauseating for memorising thousands of cases and authorities. Perhaps it's time to boil soup using my notes and hopefully by consuming this 'tasty' soup, I can automatically memorise those cases. Chicken soup, anyone?

*sob sob

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Overwhelmingly dumbfounded

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Malaysia's 12th General Election 2008. Malaysian's Opposition parties have made history! Not only they denied BN 2/3 majority, they almost took over the government! By 2am today, the results showed that they have managed to take 1/3 of the Parliament seats.It is all rare that results are announced until that late and went beyond 3am. It was the only election where I was soooooo anxious and nervous sitting in front of the TV and computer.

Welcome, the new government. I'm so looking forward to it. All the new oppositions elected, I hope they will be able to do a good job and walk their talk.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Desperate votes needed

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You vote, you'll die. You don't vote, you'll die too...This is the desperate situation in Malaysia where we'll have our General Election tomorrow, March 8th.

Today, Prime Minister urge us all Chinese and Indian to support their respective race's political party in order to have their voices heard in the cabinet. Otherwise, if we don't have any respresentatives, our grouses will not be heard and we will only remain as a 'barking dog' in the Parliament who can do nothing but bark. Sad, right?

So this is the 'dilemma' which is going to be faced by majority of the Chinese and Indian voters. Forced dilemma and mind games.

Prime Minister, can you ignore 40% of your citizens who have no representatives in the government just because they did not vote for BN?

You promised the country in your BN's manifesto: Security, Peace and Prosperity, and you will not be bothered by grouses of those who did not vote for BN's either component parties [ or they voted but their votes doesn't give much an impact], eventhough they are citizens of Malaysia?

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Oh! Election 2008

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I love all these event fevers. What more a 12th General Election 2008. Many dramas are happening all around Malaysia except for the place where I am staying at the moment. Only polite posters were put up, no intentional destructions etc..good. Fair mah.

Peaceful campaign.

But, today newspaper's announcement said that SPR will not use indelible ink to mark voters who have voted. There were allegations that 4 fellas/indelible inks were brought into the country to trick rural folks to mark their finger with that ink before they can even vote. You see, the ink was meant to fight against phantom voters, which is a predominant problem since decade ago during elections. Which means, a lot of phantom voters or I'll called them GHOST, were the ones who decided who get to rule the country!

I'm sure when we're young, we've heard a lot of ghost stories to scare our childhood, but this special ghost story in Malaysia is more of an annoyance than scary.

So what if SPR cancelled the indelible ink plan. Those who can vote are still entitled to vote. Behold, and don't let your spirits be hampered! Elections afterall only comes once in 5 year. 5 years! Your teen kids would have finish their secondary school, those in college would have graduated and you would grow older. Yes, 5 years come and go..but maybe you want it to go in a better way? Vote for a better change!

If phantom voters are to make their grand come back, then maybe the Prime Minister should consider to have the Hungry Ghost Festival as a public holiday, to celebrate what all these ghosts have done for us. Maybe Malaysia can celebrate an early Hungry Ghost Festival on March 8th?

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Malaysia general election 2008

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Do you like to be 2nd choice? No, BUT..........

See what Carol Chew of BN did to Teresa Kok of DAP at Kuchai sided catfight

Dumping old helmet and old motorbike for a new posh car?

This is because Teresa Kok is running for the Parliamentary seat in Seputeh as well as the state seat in Kinrara. So, they said she is 'stepping on two boats with two separate legs/separated legs (oh gawd!) ?' (chinese idiom on direct translation should be 'stepping on two boats with one leg). (note: Carol Chew is running for the Seputeh parliamentary seat)

Maybe Carol Chew wants to contest in both the area as well but didn't get the chance. But even if she get the chance, is she picturing herself in the second (bottom) part where the waving hand is?

I can't help feeling disgusted seeing such insulting caricatures like this. I know campaigns are never fair or 100% truthful, but for someone who can resort to mean and childish ideas like this I think will not be able to serve the people well with good intentions. Who knows when Bung Mokhtar (the "Bocor MP") says anything about women's monthly period again, she (Carol) will roar in laughters and clap the loudest? By the way, the bocor guy is still contesting in Kinabatangan. Enough shame landed on Sabahans.

You see, at 1st sight, I thought the poster meant whether we want to be second class citizens. I thought that was very bold or too bold to be put on roadside. As you know, the minority race here have been crying that they're treated as second class citizens due to many incidents. I'll spare you the list.

Another thing, I think it's indirectly insulting motorcyclists as sub-standard. Do you know how many people ride on motorcycle? Do you know that most who ride motorcycle cannot afford the luxury of a car? So I opined the 1st poster meant that Kinrara is a much more 'standard' place than Seputeh area.

Datuk Seri Pairin Kitingan also contesting for Keningau parliamentary seat and Tambunan state seat what's the crying out loud for contesting in both Parliamentary seat and State seat? But this Kitingan fight is fun, because he'll be up against his own brother - Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan in Keningau. So it's a Datuk vs Datuk Seri. It's like Tan Sri Bernard Dompok in Penampang up against all small time candidates.

You must have thought I'm pro-Opposition rather than BN right? Guess me wrong. I'd say do vote for good and capable candidates. You don't want your MPs to be constantly missing in action on all the Parliamentary seatings or attending meetings for the sole agenda of kuih muih.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Malaysia Decides 2008

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Exactly 1 week countdown from now. You decide on March 8th 2008.
Don't vote with clouded emotions..... vote for the better!
Argh...I'm so anxious to know who is going to win this time.....


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