Monday, 30 July 2007

Birthday- the Cat Roars

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28th was my birthday, although that wasn't why i longed for the weekend to come ( it's because the mon-fri blues in office). I like my birthday to be warm and cosy, rather than huge celebrations. It's a day afterall, but just maybe a little bit special.

First of all, I want to thank all those who had taken that special effort to give me Birthday wishes! Through sms, phonecall, msn, friendster etc's great to know at least you all still remember when is my birthday ( i need to learn from this, you know what i mean).
I'm so blessed to have a birthday in July, that's because it's also few days before Harry Potter's birthday, which is tomorrow! The last Potter book was released on 21st and the 5th movie was released on 11th.'s almost a Potter month and what more I'm big fan of of this Potterboy.

Most excitingly, I got hold of my last Potter book on the 26th. Here's the chronology (some sneak previews before my birthday):

Beautiful gift bags were seen through the windows of MPH on the 21st in the early morning.

All the way from USJ, bundle of gifts from Dom

Happy birthday to me! wow, got my 2 beloved Cat pouches (I once lost one in Petaling street and my heart rolled with it too....).

Birthday-On the day itself

My day was dedicated to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. First few chapters, Hedwig and Moody died! I feel for Harry for how his beloved owl had died in such a way and such a misery that he couldn't even take Hedwig with him on an escape (from Voldermort). George then lose his ear in the battle with Voldermort's supporters. Such a shock that I thought he might die and leave Fred the only twin alive. When Fred came back, it was such a relieve that George was able to joke like nothing happen. Blimey! But the humourous thing was, there were 7 identical Potters from drinking the Polyjuice Potion (was Hermione, Ron, Fred, George, Mundungus, Ginny, Fleur) and when they all stripped to change clothes, Harry's privacy and modesty were thoroughly invaded.

Until then, at night went to a yamcha session at Yogur Berry at Warisan Square and Upper *Bintang.

With Jovinia and Glynis. These bowls of yoghurt were superb! A bit pricey, but definitely worth it. Such a healthy eat and won't make you nauseate, not even when you want to take another bowl ( It's not like eating a bowl of cheese and regret after that). Jovinia and Glynis ordered single scoop, so they end up scooping from my bowl also.

Birthday-The Sequel

The sequel was, I went dinner with Fiona and Joslinna and another new nicknamed guy; Mr. Late (actually i was requested by F&J to write a story about it, and the effort is ongoin....need more discussions before embarking on it). At first, this gigi Jaws and Mr. Late had dinner at home. So left me and Fiona who haven't eat. But then when we head to Pizza Hut, esp after me and Fiona plan to eat that extra cheesy pizza, those 2 quickly changed their mind. They forgot that they've eaten dinner not long ago. Somemore, gigi Jaws asked for extra CHEESE.

Yesterday was the final night of meet up for us before Joslinna is really flying back to US. Until then, gigi Jaws, we shall meet in person. I shall miss you and you shall miss me. Amen.

Friday, 27 July 2007

Admiring some pictures

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Admiring my mom's flower, and also the power of Canon ixus 60.

Beloved fat cat in the pet shop at Petaling Street

Beloved fat cat looking at you....smiling hehehhhh

Beloved fat cat says "HI"

It's friday!

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I treasure weekends the most eversince I started this attachment. Why? Ask all office bound people, people who has to work etc etc....
Although it's the day that i can rest, it's also the most important days that I can do all the things i missed most during the week!
And tommorow, is MY DAY!

Monday, 23 July 2007

Saturday night~

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Saturday was the nite. FierceJaws called to have round of photoshoots in open air. We should have went out earlier that night but because of Asian cup, it was delayed till the later night. But nevermind because I was enjoying my Astro Talent Quest where the Penang guy had tremendously improved his singing (the one that looked like Eric Moo), too bad the Sabahan were evicted.

Jaws is only back for 1 month or so after so many years not seeing her. So it's a rare occassion that we can hang out few times before she has to endure the 24+hr flight back to US. *PUI FUK!*

Let's then see some pics:

Me, Joslinna n Fiona


Jaws....dun go back so fast ler.....heheheh

Saturday, 21 July 2007

What?!!Carrefour and Tesco spoiled the Potter mood?

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Is it destruction of a marketing strategy, hype, excitement, atmosphere etc? Im shocked to see the difference in the price but couldn't help feeling dissapointed that 4 major bookstore chains are not selling the book on the date itself! It's the final book and yet there's no one can line up to buy it. Now the craze shift to hypermarkets instead of bookstores. What a place to snuggle up and enjoy a book (Harry Potter only).

When I woke up in the morning, I thought i can enjoy the news of people excitedly to the bookstores and get their first edition (with free breakfast I heard). Mind you, it's the only time where people will be going head over heels for a book....(at least we don't see it for other books). Just like few years ago where people were lining up in the wee hours in the morning to get McDonald's Hello Kitty and the Bear.

Now, it feels as though Christmas is cancelled. (actually, i'm just sitting at home).
More later...

Latest update from KL ----> Tesco, Carrefour etc are having heavy traffic jams today. Looks like consumers nowadays don't buy into fringe benefits. Book readers might have 'betrayed' the 4 major bookstores, but hey, they're just making the most out of their money, especially with major 'erection' in the price of goods. From petrol to milo ais, and now rice, next will be income tax! Hypermarts might make some loss from selling the book at an incredibly low price, but they'll earn huge from groceries. Great, now everyone benefits. Parents will shop for their stuff, while the kids to line up and grab the books. Safe time, safe cost.

Malaysia memang boleh! Things like this can happen at the last minute. It's really shameful to the book nerdy community like me. Long live MPH! Penguin doesn't seem to be bothered, for at least they have pocketed the proceeds from Tesco and Carrefour.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

落葉歸根 | Luo Ye Gui Gen | Falling leaves returning to roots

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舉頭望 無盡灰雲
jǔ tóu wàng wú jìn huī yún
(Lifting head and gaze, Endless grey clouds)

那季節 叫做寂寞
nà jì jié jiào zuò jì mò
(That season is called Loneliness)

背包 塞滿了家用
bèi bāo sāi mǎn le jiā yòng
(Backpack full of personal necessities)

路就 這樣開始走
lù jiù zhè yàng kāi shǐ zǒu
(Road was being travelled in this manner)

日不見 太陽的暖
rì bù jiàn tài yáng de nuǎn
(Day can’t see the sun’s warmth)

夜不見 月光的藍
yè bù jiàn yuè guāng de lán
(Night can’t see the moonlight’s blue)

不得不 選擇 寒冷的開始
bù de bù xuǎn zé hán lěng de kāi shǐ
(No choice having to choose a cold beginning)

留下 只擁有 遺憾
liú xià zhī yǒng yǒu yí hàn
(Staying will only have regret)

命運 的 安排
mìng yùn de ān pái
(Fate’s arrangement)

遵守 自然 的邏輯
zūn shǒu zì rán de luó jí
(Abiding nature’s logic)

誰都 無法 揭謎底
shéi dōu wú fǎ jiē mí dǐ
(No one’s able to uncover the riddle)

喔~ 遠離家鄉 不甚唏噓
ē yuǎn lí jiā xiāng bù shèn xī xū
(Oh~ Far from hometown No extreme sobbing)

huàn huà chéng qiū yè
(Transforming into autum leaves)

而我 卻 像 落葉歸根
ér wǒ què xiàng luò yè guī gēn
(But I’m like falling leaves returning to roots)

zhuì zài nǐ xīn jiān
(Falling into your heart)

幾分憂鬱 幾分孤單
jī fēn yōu yù jī fēn gū dān
(A bit of sorrow, A bit of loneliness)

dōu xīn gān qíng yuàn
(All willingly to)

wǒ de ài xiàng luò yè guī gēn
(My love is like falling leaves returning to roots)

jiā。。。wéi dú zài nǐ shēn biān
(Home。。。will only be by your side)

但願 陪你 找回
dàn yuàn péi nǐ zhǎo huí
(I wish to accompany you to find back)

所 遺失 的 永恆
suǒ yí shī de yǒng héng
(The eternity which was lost)

dāng wǒ kāi kǒu nǐ què shěn mò
(When I speak you were silent)

zhī shèng yī cháng mèng
(Only left a dream)

by Wang LeeHom

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Lee hom 改变自己- 王力宏.

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lee hom-luo ye gui...

Wang Lee Hom's new album - Gai Bian Zi Ji (change me/Change my ways)- released on June 2007

Handsome guy with a beautiful voice. As talented as Jay Chou. I still remember the year when me, Jov and Allen went to Sunway Lagoon just to watch the album promo tour. We like other mui mui zai and go go zai waited for 2 hrs ,bathed in sweat before LeeHom arrived. But it's one of experience and certainly a memorable one.

I would think that his recent albums really stand out, in a sense that it resembles his true style and not just any Tom, Dick and Harry who sings because they're born with good looks.

I think he's one of the Asians who would stand up to their origins and be proud of it!

Both 2nd video and song title is Luo Ye Gui Gen.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Harry Potter! (and the order of phoenix)

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Finally the long wait! Besides having to see how the story is illustrated, i find most of my imagination while reading the book are quite accurate. This just shows how great is JK Rowling's writing. From this book, only i came to appreciate the British English more and dare I say, it's much more beautiful than the American's one (no offence), it's like if you want to hear mandarin, you go for the Taiwan or China's.

I must say some of the acting could be quite 'stage-play' like or mayb it's just british. But from the 1st movie, Daniel Radcliffe has improved loads and certainly we can see that he's the main actor (compared to the 2nd movie where Rupert Grint's acting shone more). Of course Emma Watson's always as good (and pretty too)

In this 5th movie, whoever hasn't read the book, you might find yourself unable or hard to understand the story. Of course given the thickness of the book, I'm sure they've tried hard enough to include all the important parts of the story. But they haven't tried hard to make Umbridge the most hated characted. The woman acted there looked sweet if not because Umbridge is an ugly toad-like woman.

The inquisitorial squad is also not hateful enough....hahahaha i think they were the silliest group in the book, always nosing for bad behaviours whereas these fellas in it were the worst. And in the book, Dumbledore's Army also tried hard to keep the meeting a secret. There was one time they have to use coin to inform the members the time of meeting. The Room of Requirement too was as imagined.

And too, although I know why Dumbledore avoid Harry's eyes, but those who just watch the movie won't even notice Dumbledore's cold shoulder towards Harry. And this i think is quite crucial to explain wht Harry thought he attacked Mr. Weasley in the dream, or more importantly why Harry has the repetitious dream of being in the same corridor.

However, since Harry is supposed to be kissing for the 1st time, i thought that Daniel and Kate did it more professional, or at least too passionate for someone under 18. I almost fidget uncomfortably in my seat. Plus, the recent news about him got naked in Equus, a theater play in London, it just got me thinking how his fellow co-star can concentrate in making the film.

I would think that the Ministry of Magic office is quite cool! Except that i din't see the fountain, or have i missed it?

The storyline in the movie is still very good, better than the 4th movie. And I enjoyed drooling at some of the actors hahahahahaha! I love the girl for Luna Lovegood, her voice is superb. Also i liked the part where there's Snape and his occlumency class.

I would say i really enjoyed the show again, wish i can watch 2nd, 3rd, 4th time!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Selective mutism or different wavelenghts?

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Find yourself within a group of people and wonder why you have nothing to say at all? Sometimes, no, i mean everytime, it happens to me. Eversince i watch channel 77 on Astro, I wonder if i have a disorder called ' Selective mutism' (there was a show featuring on it) because I just can't find myself talking as easily as everyone else. If people take 1 month to make friends, i'll take the whole year.

Sometimes i wonder where were the 'noisiest girl in class' gone to...mind you, my name had been a regular on the list together with michelle! My voice is not loud, so i wonder how these ketua kelas can hear and know that i was talking, whereas people who are sitting next to me took efforts to hear what i was saying.

Or perhaps the cause to my selective mutism is actually different wavelenghts? You know when you were young, you are more carefree, innocent and have more to share, more to talk. Even 10 slaps on the face can't stop you from chattering! (Or perhaps this only happens in SFC). But as you grow, you start to think differently, meet more people and experience more things...thus entering into a different set of social situation, for me, i'll have a sudden cultural shock. It may be for a while, long time or I may never be able to adapt.

But i must say here that i always run the risk of talking like Dr.Mahathir, sarcastic! Maybe this is another reason that i fear talking, to avoid saying the wrong stuff at the wrong time, and worse still, it does cost friendships! To sum up, i think i'm not a very good conversationalist.

Does anyone face the same thing?

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Happy Belated Birthday~~

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Jovinia's birthday was on the 6th July but then her bash was organized on 5th instead due to some 'special' reason. Was in City Mall. The place is very brand new with a lot shop lots still empty but once fully opened, it'll be superb because of it's architectural design. In my personal opinion, if the shop lots still remained vacant for too long, fearfully it'll end up like Central Plaza. The presence of Giant once again give you the feeling of KL.

With Melvin, Jovinia, Siah, Alex and me

Friday, 6 July 2007

Spelt with a 'H' - a rant

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Today's topic is about hypocrisy. Groan, everyone knows what is that and it happens everywhere, anytime, however good anyone is. According to Collins COBUILD dictionary, it means the person pretends to have qualities, beliefs, or feelings that they do not have. But however, being truthful in these circumstances might not be the wisest thing to do! But sometimes being untruthful should be the silliest thing in the world.

First take for example, Anti Corruption Agency is supposed to work against corruption. Just imagine the Chief of ACA being accused of corruption. Or secondly, the once Education ministers who are supposed to be role model for the whole of the country's education system, instilling hopes for the young aspiring children, gave embarrassing statements in newspapers and unsure of his own direction.

Sometimes i recalled back to school age years, we were always taught how to be nicey people, polite at all times and have respect for others. But when im growing up (am still now) I saw those people who propagate or at least abettors to it, are the ones acting like monkeys in the parliament. May be if when looking at the adults around, I start to wonder, when I was young all adults seem to be nice people. They smile at you, showed you good toys, give you good books etc etc. But when I am in the adult world, I start to wonder where were all the childlike wonderland where everyone were taught to be nice to each other. Here, I see the world of bitter bickering, silent cold-treatment, back-stabbing and blown up big heads. In the working world, all I see now is money in the eyes. It's a regret to see all these and more to experienced them, and it must be torturous to be one of them.

As the 'most loved' Professor Hart puts it (all jurisprudence students, please give a big round of applause! *clap clap), every human in existence strive for survival. The 5 human altruism; limited understanding and strenght of will, limited resources, limited altruism, human vulnerability and approximate equality - all these are the weaknesses in the world for survival. He said that the law is encircled upon these weaknesses so that human can survive; eg: limited resources - therefore we have land law to regulate the ownership of land. Humans are neither angels nor devils, and due to this weaknesses, we cannot expect everyone to be generous and sharing. Hence, the tax law.

Even Karl Marx once put it that law is made for the benefit of the capitalist. The working class were exploited as if they're not humans. If anyone have read the story of Voyage of Zong, we shall know how slavery is outrightly cruel and inhuman. Reminising back, that's exactly how some people treated their servants, maids and anyone who is in the lower rank of the society. And it's still happening, slavery or not. As I observed at times, I saw how some employers gave commands to their employees as if the employees owed them their life. Again, the powerful against the powerless.

This is just a rant with no direction whatsoever. Thank You.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

A dull and plain Jane

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Do i conclude working life is indeed boring and unmeaningful? Like last year, I still think that working 8-5pm in the office alone is definitely going to make me mundane especially IF there's not internet connection available in the office. It's like frog being kept under the coconut shell T_T.
Ok, forget about office.

When i was on my way back, I noticed an 'extraordinary' event where the roads in my taman has been filled with good new tar! Why extraordinary?
  • 1st, the roads here are still good mah, why need to have new tar?
  • 2nd, they never scrap off the old tar making our houses look as if it's shrinking to the ground (there has been complain in Taman Seputeh, Damai on this issue as well. The folks now have to battle with floods bcoz their house looks as if below ground level).
  • If they have to mend roads, could have done it like 2,3 or 4 years ago right? why only now? (Anticipating the big E day). I hope there'll be no floods in my taman.

However, it definitely feels superb driving on a 'new' road

Do I look like them?

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Monday, 2 July 2007

1st day of work (attachment)

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I would say, 1st day(s) are always......BORING!!!! And i get depressed out of it.


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