Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Destination Sabah (Part 1)

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It's my 3rd year of fantastic holiday in Sabah (there was none last year) eversince I did my LLB. Now that I've graduated last year, this year would probably be the last for me to have a group of friends to come over and visit and I to join them having a blast.

With adventure and nature in mind, Sabah will never be a boring place. And be prepared to get tanned!

Finally 1st time flying wif Dom in AirAsia

KK must visit jogging park at Bukit Padang

Sunset near my house

Mt. Kinabalu

Visiting the Kundasang War Memorial Park

Kundasang War Memorial

Kundasang War Memorial Park may just be another flower garden which serves no purposes except for visitors to have a scenic view of Mt.Kinabalu and it's pretty flowers there.
Less known to others, this site is actually dedicated to the memory of the 2,428 Australians and British POWs who died in Sandakan, Ranau or on the Death Marches.

There are 4 beautiful gardens : Australian, British, Borneo and Contemplation Garden and Pool.

Entrance with lush greens to greet

The pathway

And guess what I've found.......

A cute tabby!

Meet 'Ah Bee'. She's a very well mannered cat and will greet visitors with a "Meow"

And she's very playful too!

Rose growing out of nowhere

A display of my artwork..wished I had a SLR

English Garden, feeling like in England except the warm weather

Dedication to the English Army

This must be the Contemplation garden and pool

A peek into the Borneo Garden

Superb view of Kundasang from the War Memorial

Poring Hot Springs, Ranau

I've been to this place zillion of times but what to do. Initially, I wanted to visit the Sabah Tea Garden which is 11km from the Hot Spring. However, due to negligence when reading the sign board, I had to end up in Hot Spring.

Sungai Mamut at the entrance

I also caught some pictures of the beautiful sky....

Sunset. Can you see sun's reflection on the sea?

Dom driving back in the sunset.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


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Really glad my Birthday was after the exam. It was my first time celebrating it in KL. Supposedly I could've celebrated it with friends but because my mom was at KL that time....so...yeah.

But Dom took me to Shogun in Sunway Pyramid. Then I know he hid the new wing from me previously...so many new shops!

The Shogun in Sunway has a slightly different variety than the branch in 1Utama. Here, they have chocolate fondue and even ginseng tea! My dream to taste the fondue finally came true.

Mouth watering sushis....YUM YUM!

Birthday camwhoring session

Mom booked a night in Swiss Garden International Hotel. Facilities not bad but the location is a bit troublesome, difficult to travel except by taxi.

I don't know why sometimes taxis are unreasonable. Such a near distance from the hotel to KTM station Kuala Lumpur would cost RM15! Even when I took a taxi from LRT station Cheras back to my condo would cost RM4 (for 5 minutes ride) where the meter ticks especially faster than normal. This is what I don't like about taxi. They want to earn a living and gain symphathy from others, on the other hand cheat their passengers. Why would I say this? Because a taxi ride from LRT Bandar Tun Razak back to my condo (which the distance is longer, 15 minutes ride) cost only RM5.40.

If the taxi departs from hotel, no matter how you plead with teary eye that you are a local ..they will not use the meter but instead charge you an exhorbitant fee, eg: RM15 for a 10 minutes ride.

Don't mention buses. They're cheap but the amount of time spend waiting for them to come and depart equals to walking yourself to the destination.

Monday, 11 August 2008

The holiday has begun!

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In conjuction with Kenny's birthday and after exam celebration, my first holiday stop (25.7.2008) were in Puchong having a nice steamboat buffet in Shabu-Shabu. It has similar restaurant in Wangsa Maju called Shabu Mix. However, the one in Puchong offered wider variety for a reasonable price.

I like the concept of having your own pot and pick your own choice of food. It's hygienic, simple and fast. And the induction cooker is pretty efficient, except that your food won't taste like "wow".

With Kenny, Dom, Chee Hong and Melvin..and ors

Yum! A nice bowl of soup. My favourite wantan is there

I'm in deep need of good and sumptous food to regain weight again. After few months of stress, finally I can eat as much without the urge of going back home to study.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Recap: After exam

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On the last day of exam, I can hardly swallow my lunch because I was sooooooooooo exhausted! Few of us went to watch Dark Knight in Midvalley. I must say that the late Heath Ledger is superb acting as Joker! His acting was even better than the Batman himself. And of course Maggie Gyllenhaal was so charming in the show. I still remember her character in The Secretary. She looks a lot like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kirsten Dunst.

The after exam look..all with dark faces..Deborah can't even look straight at the camera

No camera inside the cinema!

At night, we had dinner with some future lawyers like Rosey and Samuel. So much of inspiration of meeting them after the exams to get some ideas what will become of us if we happen to chamber.

By 8.30pm that night (23rd July 2008), I was dropped dead tired and had to go home. Brain started to malfunction.


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