Thursday, 18 October 2007

POTs...Part 2

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Shall I present to you this beautiful Malay Gospel song which I like most:

Mengejar HadirMu
Giving My Best

Dekat padaMu
Itu rinduku
Setiap kataku
Kau pun menunggu

Tak kusangka kutemukan
Satu kasih yang abadi
Kini kudatang
Dan kubawa hidupku

Memandang wajahMu
Mengikuti kebaikanMu
Mengejar hadirMu
Dalam hidupku

Membawa sembahku
Menyatakan kebesaranMu
Mengejar hadirMu
Dalam hidupku

On the first day of theme talk, we were introduced to the book of Nehemiah focusing first on Nehemiah's personality which resembled a Christian.

This was presented by Bishop Hwa Yung (I just merely copy it here).

  • (Nehemiah 1: 2-4) A responsible person, not always saying "None of my business"

  • (1: 4-11) Prayer and God's Word fundamental in his life (cf. also chapter 8-10)

  • (1: 11) Cupbearer;also implies willingness to sacrifice

  • (2: 1-8) Wisdom and tactfulness

  • (2: 11) Not attention seeking

  • (5: 1-12) Compassion for the needy, and concern for justice

  • (5: 14-19) Refusal to misuse position and power

  • (7: 2) Integrity

Which in summary, we need to listen to God's word, pray, sacrifice, be on servanthood, have good character and integrity. One of the morning reflection we had was, if I am amongst the 200 representing my people and generation, what would I think that God wants me to do in my life and what would I tell God on behalf of my people and my generation. People and generation-I would think it's in the Malaysia context. Hence, the message is, what do I have to say to the Christian Professionals in Malaysia today? What does having a sense of responsibility means and what would it cost?

The story of Nehemiah tells us that he rebuilt the walls in Jerusalem, reconstituted Israel as a nation and religious community in the midst of tremendous political instability and major historical upheavals. Is this not similar to what is happening around us?

Professionals nowadays can only think of money. Sometimes I can imagine the burden of having a private practice in an economy which is neither favourable nor progressive. What else is more important for survival other than money? While it's easy to say "Put your trust in God" in fact it's true, but how many can have the faith as big as a mustard seed? As for public service, I think it would be less to worry about because basically the job is secure. Hence, we're really caught in the material world eventhough constantly trying to deny so. Eventhough we're under employment, but we're pushed to perform more and more: what kind of tender loving heart do we still have besides being caught under stiff competition of better 'rice bowls'.

There are basically 2 choices to make: either we join the crowd or make an impact. We must then learn to love the things that we are called to do. We were also reminded of Colossions 3:23 where "whatever we do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not men".

One of the best quote of the day was " Ideals are like stars, we cannot reach it but we can chart our way with it".

My favourite session was Missing in Action(M.i.A). It was very interactive and simulating. One of the question posed to us were -> Do we care about the worsening race relations? Will we be the agents of healing? ( I would not deny that there's indirect oppression toward the powerless and these group of people have been silent for a long time. It's not revolution that we want, but a better change). I guess the session would have struck many indiferent Malaysians who is not bother that they might not have freedom of religion or speech the next day just because they thought that they are living in comfort today. It's time to be alert, dear young Malaysians.

Do we cross our arms and legs and feel indifferent, or are we driven to make a change? Do we even care or are we too comfortable to care?

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

POTs...Part 1

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I just came back from POTs(Professional of Tomorrow) Conference today - organized by Fellowship of Evangelical Students (FES). As much as I enjoyed the camp soooooooo much, I'm now drop dead tired and exhausted (and a little bit sick).

With Ellaine, Ye Ling, Arlene, Alice and Bee Teng at KL Sentral

POTs basically consist of students from 3 professions: medical, law and teacher - and hail from all over Malaysia. Although Sabah did not have any student representative to attend the camp, however, the number of students originate from Sabah is shocking enough.

A brief intro of Peaceheaven, Genting Highlands.

Peaceful looking dormitory blocks

With a nice view of the road made suitable for 'drifting'.


Basically, there's nothing hectic on the first day but just settling down and making new friends. At night was opening ceremony of the Conference and meeting between small groups (each were assigned to specific small group and buzz group which consist of campers from other campuses).

Thursday, 11 October 2007

iPOTs tomorrow!

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During this Hari Raya break, I'll be off to a christian camp called iPOTs ( Professionals of Tomorrow) at Peaceheaven Genting Highlands from 12th October-16th October. Few weeks ago I was complaining being bored to death because tutorials are only starting next month. But then subsequently Esther called me to volunteer in preparations of the camp. I gladly accepted the invitation and thought I could really commit like her. Wow! hehe...
Day One - meeting at Masjid Jamek, supposedly at 8am.

'Stampede at Masjid Jamek'! Ok, here I am only capturing when half of the crowds are gone. It'll be the only time where you see the greatest number of Malaysians rushing off to work. I stood there and watch since 8.30am till 9am when Esther came and met me (she overslept, I had to miss few 'sardine-packed' trains).

At the FES office, we were assigned to a very special task. Drawing maps and place respective universities inside the map. There will be an exhibition to inform campers etc about other universities besides their own and also where Christian presence are missing or lacking.

Rosey and Esther frantically searching for the missing localities. We left our geography behind grandmother years ago, and if we're taking PMR again, we definitely going to score As with one eye closed. Never can I imagine Law graduates doing this. Afterall, what we usually did in college were attending class and hang out chit chatting.

After whole day work, it's always good to relax for a while. If only offices in the city have such facility - playgrounds. Gosh, it'll be so nice to relax after a day of stress and mundane.

It was Mid-Autumn festival that day. But I will write on a separate post after obtaining pictures taken from friends.

Day Two - a week later. What I've said earlier about committing to this volunteer job, I could've done better than coming in once a week. However, since Esther and Rosey were part of the committee (or something like that) they bear slightly more responsibilities than I do. I was the 'drop-in once in a very blue moon' volunteer.

I found this very interesting set of colour pens from Faber Castle:

They can join together! How I wish I had those when I was younger. I even took time to rearrange them beautifully.

And the colour pens are so flexible that you can make a 'binocular' out of it.

Anyway, after 2 days of helping out, I suppose the maps turned out nicely and I hope it did since I wasn't there then it was completed. If I have the chance to snap photos of the maps at the camp, I shall be happy to post it here then. Till then, I won't be updating for the week timebeing.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Life changing at 22

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Ok, so i've revealed my age here. Well, I'm still young. But there have been a lot of life changing situations I see that is occuring around me. Be it culture, emotional, schedule shock. Our mainstream school ends when we are 17 yrs old, which is form 5. At that time, everyone graduate with a SPM (Sijil Penilaian Menengah). So everyone is at the same par, with one certificate.

Life after SPM, some might end up married(!), some going to their pre-university, some entering foundation, some work, the others just vanished. It would be a life changing experience since you'll say goodbye to most of your high school friends. After seeing your high school friends since elementary level, it's just disturbing to have to make new friends all over again when you are sooooooooo used to the normal friends you have. It's like moving to a new neighbourhood. You get bonked out.

After pre-U, everyone gets to college, some stopped to work however. Out of 60 students in a class, only 4 went to the same college with me, leaving the rest elsewhere. However, some of us still kept in touch while the number of those who were with me in high school sadly dwindles from contact (except keeping in touch by through blogs etc).

What I want to highlight today is....I've entered college as a single person (not that I'm married now). Some romance happened when I was in year 2 (and is still). I've heard people 2-4 years my senior are getting married one by one and the next age group would be mine in 3-4 years! Gosh how time passed.

The thing is, I've entered college with most of us single and unattached. I guess I was the 1st among my college peers to get attached within the same radius. Now after 3 years, guess what? We're welcoming the 5th couple that I've come to know. I was just told yesterday the 'birth' of a new couple. Must be fun to see who managed end up getting married at last. rushing! C-O-N-G-R-A-Ts..... convo is near too.

Monday, 1 October 2007

Virus Detected!

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What if you received and unsuspecting messege like this?

"ok, I DO NOT like my new hair color.. but people on facebook do. what do you think? And no laughing! lol "

and then a file being sent to you from one of your MSN contacts. Thus---> "You have successfully received C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\My Received Files\ from....."

You click open it, hoping to see your friend's new hair color. And then, your MSN (or Windows Live Messenger) start blinking uncontrollably but actually, the newly received virus is taking effect and sending similar stuffs to all your contacts. But you haven't realise yet....

And you message your friend:

(9:47 PM) Feel: cant seem to open it
(9:47 PM) Feel: can u send another format

(How stupid is that????)

I have most unfortunate day falling into these prankter virus because seriously, I thought that's how the sender usually speaks. But my friends are luckier than me because I 'sent' them these:

"OMG, i found ur pic on! Check it out!!! "
"I cant believe they wanted me to upload this picture to facebook lol. Its terrible. Like my outfit tho?"
Wow i think i found your pic on myspace! "
"hah I think I found an old pic of us! "
"wanna see this pic of my Boobs?" ---> (GOSH!!! how could i??)
"Hey accept my pictures, i got a bunch from when i was like a toddler :X "
"is this pic tooo sexy for photobucket?? "
"Hey just finished new myspace album! theres a few kinky ones in there! "
"dude i just got these pictures off my digital for you! Gimme a moment to find em and send "
" think this picture is terrible. but my friends on myspace want to see it. please dont show noone. "
"hey man accept my pics i just edited it to look maad funny "
"can i up some of these pics of ya to my myspace profile? "
"do I look dumb in this picture I want to put it on myspace"
"my crazy sister wants u to see these pics for some reason take a look "
"hey you got a myspace album anyways heres my new myspace album accept k "
"Dude i found your picture on! Take a look! "

You know, my friends are luckier because all of these doesn't sound like me. First, I don't use photobucket, imageshack, myspace or Flikr. Secondly, I don't know what is or Desperate websites I suppose. Or possibly thery're more cautious than me on that day. And why would I want to display my BOOBS online anyway?? Sheeshhh!

Now to warn those innocent people who hasn't come accross this irritating virus, I must tell you that it's a difficult one to delete especially if you have a wacky computer. You know when you go to Windows Explorer, the click Tools, there's an option called Folder Options. Mine doesn't have. I don't know where on earth is it now.

This virus is called Backdoor.Win32.Slenfbot.g!A. I don't think normal anti-virus can detect this, at least not AVAST. I've went OneCare and found that it's quite good, but then can't remove this poser virus. Now I'm trying CounterSpy. Hope it works. This is my 6th time scanning my com (with various anti-virus scanners) which only has 2 Gigabyte space left!


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