Friday, 8 May 2009

"Use your brain please"

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This is what a police officer told me when I was interviewing 2 accused persons for illegally entering M'sia and overstaying in M'sia. And he told me right in front of 30 over accused persons in the lockup! And then another lawyer/police lookalike (I forgot who they were) walked passed and mumbled that its useless that I took such high education and yet cannot use some common sense. Well, and this happened in front of the 30 over accused persons who can well understand simple Bahasa Malaysia (they're all illegal immigrants). WHAT IS EMBARASSMENT neh? Nolah...nothing to be embarassed about. Really.

I had good intentions.

Another story now. Unrelated to this title.

I think I may be right about buying bottles of beer and drink them alone at home this weekend (although I won't really go buy them). I think it's cool to drink from bottle directly. The ambience have to be perfect, like dim orange lights with my Edifier blasting away and me surfing the net. How does that sound? Chilling weekend? 

If I do get drunk then at least I can straightaway go to sleep.


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