Friday, 24 October 2008

Wish list..

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Being a technology friendly person, I always took interest in what they have to offer. Below are the list of my wishlist so that anyone who intends to buy present for me can start saving up:

  • SLR camera
  • Dell inspiron mini laptop
  • Sony Ericsson C905
  • And a humble Perodua VIVA
Can I add a new pair Hush Puppies court shoes so that I can run up and down the courts comfortably and energetically.

The Chambee

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Greet me...the 2 weeks old chambee. Everynight when I'm back home, all I can say is TIRED and SLEEPY. 

I miss everything about holiday. I miss holiday, i miss holiday...i miss Shanghai, eventhough the people there are ruder. But because during holiday i'm in such a perfect mood, I don't care about rudeness.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Goodbye, 'court shoes'!

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Court shoes is the worst kind of invention for womenfolk to wear on their beautiful feet.  It causes sweaty feet and thus, blisters will come if you do not wear socks. Because of the elevated heels, women's standing posture is jeorpardized. 

Once the agony is felt, walking 1 metre seems like forever.

Hush puppies or's all the same.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

China Trip (Wuxi-Suzhou)

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Good morning, Wuxi. Most of us were rudely awaken by the tv blasting away in our rooms. Why?
So please switch off your tv completely before going to sleep

Wuxi's morning was great with a visit to the Three Kingdoms City.

Since I've just watched Tony Leung's Battle of the Red Cliff not long ago (and eating meat burger with my eyes wide during the slaying scenes), I enjoyed my visit here.

I imagined that I'm the wife of either Zhuge Liang, Zhou Yu or Sun Quan or the sister or Sun Quan, Sun Shangxiang. I want to ride a horse and shoot bows!

But I'm just a tourist

This is how Liu Bei's chamber looks like

Zhuge Liang's modern wife holding a camera

Why do I chose Zhuge Liang and not Sun Quan or Zhou Yu? Because the character (in Battle of Red Cliff ) was acted by Takeshi Kaneshiro and he looks smart as Liu Bei's advisor. Ok, Chang Chen as Sun Quan is not too bad too. However, I can't stop thinking about the bedroom scene in Lust, Caution when I watched Tony Leung here.

The miniatures of Battle of Red Cliff

We were treated to a live show on how the battle of 3 kingdoms looks like

I still prefer the movie itself. The 'warlords' here look simply too young but they have good horse riding skill. At the same time, there were many (MANY) school kids with their teachers there as well for school trip. I saw a boy's bag were filled with packets and packets of sweets and chips. Good gracious! I wanted to ask him why is he bringing so many junk food on a healthy school trip.

Next, we had to board a battle ship in case Cao Cao came and attack us. It was in Lake Tai (of course the real battle wasn't held here).

Nice eh?

On the deck. We're supposed to be fighting against Cao Cao, not taking pictures.

Back to the peasants' life

Upcoming: Suzhou...

"Datuk" ?

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Datuk Shah Rukh Khan? Read here.

Even Amber Chia hasn't got it and Michelle Yeoh took years to get it.

I still remember the movie Finding Mr.Perfect (2003) acted by Shu Qi, Simon Yam and Andy On were shot in Sutera Harbour, Kota Kinabalu and some beautiful island nearby. I'm sure Sabah's tourism (or at least Sutera Harbour's business) must have improved during that time. Yet, they were not conferred any Datukship until now.

Funny...funny.. *shakes head in disbelief.

Monday, 6 October 2008

China Trip (Nanjing-Wuxi)

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On the 2nd day, we proceeded to Nanjing. Our 1st stop was at Yu Hua Tai. The historical park of Yu Hua Tai houses a monument built to commemorate the Chinese martyrs.

China's national anthem in 5 languages

There are actually some Feng Shui theories for such architecture and design of the park (about why there's a pool of water in the middle etc..), but because of my incompetency in mandarin, I'd rather have my readers to check wikipedia for more information.

After that, we proceeded to the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge.

One thing I like about Nanjing is the cool breeze. When we went up to the tower, the wind was blowing like anything, and I only brought a pashmina, which was of little use.

On this day itself, the temperature dropped to 22 degrees celcius. Cool!

Yangtze River

After that, we visited the war memorial (or mass grave of 300,000) during the Nanjing Massacre.

As a sign of respect, it's best not to take photographs. The excavated human bones were real.

And peace to the departed souls and the nation

After that, we proceeded to Wuxi for the night.

Friday, 3 October 2008

China trip (Hangzhou)

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I was back visiting China again (with my mom), this time tour between Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi and Suzhou.

We took a midnight chartered flight to Pudong, Shanghai (I swear that this is the last midnight flight for me). Was amazed at how the flight attendants can be so energetic serving us food, while passengers were all half dead trying to sleep in upright position.

By the time we reached Shanghai, we have to wait for at least 20 minutes in the plane before the airport authorities were fully awake ( It was 5.30am). Felt kinda guilty for arriving too early.


After that, we left for Hangzhou. I was trying to catch a cold breeze but to no avail. The weather is as humid as back home.


Our first stop was at West Lake. Because it was so humid (and hot) I didn't enjoy much of it. Thank goodness I brought along my hand fan, otherwise I'll be drenched in my sweat.
Of course I managed to take some good pictures.

Nice garden

Black colour corn (RMB 5)

West Lake

In the evening, we were brought to Mei Jia Wu, tea garden owned by the Mei's family. It is Hangzhou's most renown tea plantation which they are famous with the Long Jing Cha (Dragon Well tea).

With Lu Yu's statue - who discovered the Long Jing tea

Next step forward!

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Yes! I have passed my exam in 1 sitting, and unexpectedly. I wish to extend my gratitude to everyone who has been there with me going through the emotional trauma of exam stress.

Thank God for His mercy. I'm now on my next step forward.

Serena is even sweet enough to send me a card

Routine at my second home


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