Monday, 21 July 2008

Final leg...get it kicking!

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Well...I can't help not mourning and brooding over a badly done paper today. It was my most dissapointing moment having known I've done something very silly in the exam. Sigh, I must not give up.

I'm so glad to have friends who tiredlessly gave me the encouragement to go on. Many thanks! Indeed everyone is very stress. I mean VERY.

Wednesday will be the last paper, Evidence. Honestly, I love reading Evidence. But this doesn't mean that I may do well in the exams (exam questions may be tricky at times and I won't be able to think and recall properly under stress).

Last paper!

How can I not look forward to it?

My faithful pens
( I prefer the Hi-Tec 05. In fact, I've changed the G-Tec ink to Hi-Tech)

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Innocent vs Correct

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*Ponder, ponder...*

There's this maxim..."Innocent until proven guilty". And this is for the purposes of justice. If you alleged that I am guilty, you prove it. Our Evidence Act 1950 also provides for this. But for the sake of my exam, I shall not 'boast' here....(in case I'm wrong)^_^.

But what about "Correct until proven wrong"? Do you think it has an opposite effect?

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Was anyone late for exam?

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Luckily yesterday's KL morning road block did not affect me as I left my house at 6.15am.

Otherwise..I'll be late for the exam! I saw the massive jam from PJ in the Federal Highway at 6.30am, goodness, so much hardwork of getting up early and try to get to work on time for these normal citizens. They thought they could beat the jam but instead, the jam beats them --"Wake up earlier next time!!".

If I happen to get stuck in that jam, all my hardwork poured in during these few months will go into the waste of roadblocks . I'd probably scream my soul out.

Such scary thoughts.

Saturday, 12 July 2008


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It's less than 48 hours to the "slaughther house" in Dewan Peperiksaan in UM. My brain is almost empty. Come Let's Pray.

Friends who are sitting for CLP on 14th July...All the best!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

What I want to do

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The first thing I'm going to do after to grow my hair...yes! It'll be a year long project. Somehow i miss my long wavy locks. And I'm not going to do rebonding to make it 'nice'.

I look so yesterday

Quare: Guess when this picture is taken?

And comparing this picture with my current haggard look...I'm so glad i've taken some pics which i look at least youthful and happy. At least to remind myself that being stuck with CLP is not the end of the world.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

(un)married and divorce

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Today a an absurd news caught my attention. It's a case of a wife seeking annulment of marriage. Now she can't proceed with the annulment proceeding because the marriage is not properly registered. So how?

This judge told the husband to register the marriage again and obtain a genuine certificate before seeking annulment.

I AM dumbfounded!

Yes, I know it's the only way the wife can get some maintenance and support for herself and her kids. But to think of registering a marriage and seek an annulment again....erm...i have nothing to say.


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