Learning Cantonese

Here are some great age old e-books for you to refer to if you want to learn Cantonese.

English-Cantonese dictionary by John Chalmers (1825-1899)

Cantonese for beginners - learning Cantonese through self-taught word-for-word method, with characters, pronunciation, tones and combinations by Jiang Keqiu

Cantonese made easy - a book of simple sentences in the Cantonese dialect, with free and literal translations, and directions for the rendering of English grammatical forms in Chinese (1888) by J. Dyer Ball

How to speak Cantonese: fifty conversations in Cantonese colloquial; with Chinese character, free and literal English translations, and romanised spelling with tonic and diacritical marks (1902) by  J. Dyer Ball

Last but not least, download your Cantonese dictionary for your Mozilla Firefox (Addon) here. It's very easy to use - just mouse over the Chinese characters and voila!
    However, if you are so so so lazy to read, then the fastest way to learn how to speak Cantonese is to watch as many TVB series as possible. I learnt most of mine there :-P


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