Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Luncheon

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Today I had lunch with my friend, Bernice.

Eh, no lah..not so rich to have lobster lunch LOL (by the way, this is not real lobster)

We just had ours at a nearby Vietnamese cafe. The place is fully packed. If there're no seat, you have to just eat at another place. Lunch time is short so there's no point waiting for an empty table.

But we're lucky today because we manage to get a table. :-)))

Since it's so difficult to get a table and we managed to get one, and because sharing is caring, we also shared our table with another man. Hmhm...he's probably around 40s-50s. He came alone.

So me and Bernice chatted while waiting for our food. Still chatting even though our food arrived and still chatting while eating. The man finished his food. He then called for bill.

"Untuk dua-dua ni", he said.  The waiter replied, "RM20...". 

Huh?! His chicken rice only cost about RM5.50 plus drink also won't come up to RM20 lah. I continued eating. Bernice too.

"Ladies, your lunch is on me. It's my pleasure to share the same table with both of you," he said.

Totally surprised, but thanks! 

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

I want to lick you

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"Lick are my best friend"

Neighbour's puppy kept in the backyard. Very active and cute.
One of them (5 or 6 in total) got stuck and hanging on the fence today.
Helped us to gobbled up all the cat's leftover food (chicken and fish bones).

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Yo, yo #yorais

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I don't know how I should contain my laughter when the twitter space welcomed a new hashtag addition - #yorais to 'celebrate' our minister infamous announcement to discourage fellow Malaysians (especially Muslims) to immerse in the internet culture. Read here.

"He added that facilities like internet could not be accepted wholly because it was a form of business introduced by the West and "Malaysians were just users."

"They are just selling Facebook, Twitter, L-Band and various other services, even through space, as a product but we do not do such business. We accept all this in a state of cultural shock," he said.


Is our dear minister of the misinformed jealous of other people's developments?

After reading my friend's blog about it, I decided to check out the tweets myself and found these tweets:-

#yorais so ancient, when Julius Caesar was assassinated, he amended Caesar's last words "Et tu, Brute?" to "Itu... puteh?"

not sure who is uncivilised... us or the ancient #yorais

Politicians divide their time between running for office and running for cover.#yorais

#yorais: Boss sokong Twit2 ni? Adik.tangkap burung2 merpati cepattt! Memo kte mesti ikut orang2 gila ni di Twttr skrng

Someone didn't got the memo on social media sites? PM wants to further connect with FB and Twitter fans

#yorais will say that "Catholicism is not our culture"

#yorais what exactly the country's aspirations again?

Sifat KeMalaysiaan perlu kuat untuk pakai Facebook dan Twitter. - Rais Yatim. Bwahahahahahaha!! *out of breath* #dinorais 

”Women travelling aboard should produce letter of consent from parents or employers. ” #dinorais

I think #dinorais is in a state of culture shock, but tries to cover up by saying"we", same as the excuse "some" people will get confused :p

and the most hilarious of all

this #yorais tea party may be a trap. you guys might just end up getting gassed to death wif yorais' fossilized kentut..kekekeke

Oh my...

Sunday, 24 January 2010

The Intriguing People

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My 2 weeks encounter with different types of people. Real and this is what I think of them

The Heartbroken

They're sad, they're heartbroken. But God knows why. The whole world turned against him and there's no more light at the end of the tunnel (very morbid, huh). All of sudden, he has turn philosophical pouring all the wise sayings. Deep inside, he's very, very hurt. Unless you have an anti-dote to his misery, it's best not to say anything to aggravate his hurt. Shhhhh...

The Religious Leader

He's the leader, the shepherd of his flock. He brings people closer to the Divine One. He teaches the Words of the Almighty One. But if he teaches falsely, then I don't know what will happen. 

The Activist

He holds rights highly. If your rights are trampled on, he will come to your rescue fighting it to the very core. Every human has a right to breathe, food, shelter, air, marriage, religion, speech etc etc. Ah...speaking about freedom of speech, please don't hold him back even though he starts cursing and hurling all sorts of abuses. Because that's his right after all. A right to curse.

The Fence Sitter

He is neither supporting or against anyone. Atas pagar, we call him. He likes to look at both sides of the coin, both sides of the argument, both sides of the extreme. A neutral guy, I would say. In real life, we will only sit on the fence if we are clueless on what's going on. But towards the end of the day we would still need to make a stand. It's total bullshit he says that he's neither this side nor that side - unless the matter does not concern him at all.

The Aggravator

This guy likes to create trouble. He love seeing people fight among each other, and he is in glee when someone quarrels. He will put more charcoal (or whatever fire starter) to a burning fire. The brighter, bigger the better. Afterall, life needs more excitement. :-D

The Counsellor

He is someone you look to when something is not right. He may not be a magician, but his words are like magic. He will use words alone to conquer all. Words and words alone. (*suddenly white dove flying in)

The Over Intelligent

He is smart. But he is over smart. He says thing which slaps your face without realizing that he's actually slapping himself. The more smart thing he says, the more ugliness you see in him. To categorize him otherwise would not do him justice, afterall he's smart to say smart things. But just maybe at the wrong time. Sigh! What a wasted talent.

The Mastermind

You'll never find out who he is. He operates silently. He has loads of willing assistants. He is smart. Of all, his mind is the most intriguing. Even if you can get hold of his brain and dissect it (literally), you'll never find the answer. For you will only find gooey brain cells and blood vein.  If only you can ask him; why?

The Joker

Well, if you have ample free time then he'll be good to hang around with. He can talk A-Z and perform funny stunts - stop short of being an entertainer. Some can take him seriously, some can't. 

The Debater

Like The Counsellor, he's gifted with words. If he speaks, his voice will be the loudest. If he writes, he will write with a sword (too dramatic!). You will never ever, never ever win the war of words against him unless you are a debater yourself. If you happened to accidentally trip on his 'tail', NAH! he will give you 10 salient reasons on why you are wrong and another 5 ways on how you should apologize. Enough said, he said.

The Peacemaker

He loves peace. He will hate The Aggravator unless he's real bored. He will dislike The Over Intelligent for stirring up the unnecessary. For decades (or centuries) he will not be tired calling for peace. "CAN'T YOU ALL STOP FIGHTING FOR A SECOND??!!".  So, can you all stop bickering there? The Peacemaker needs a rest. 

The Observer

I will call them the hunter as well. Like cats preying, he will observe quietly underneath (the blanket). He will not let the sound of his breathe give him away (wonder if he will suffocate and die). His eyes will look for any suspicious creatures lurking around. He will smell if danger is coming ahead. His ears will listen to all movement changes. He will wait patiently. Hmhm...

He sensed some movement! Immediately he text everyone in his mobile, tweet and updated his Facebook status of the impending danger. 

"RUN!! The cockroach just flew out from my toilet!"


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Friday, 15 January 2010

Few days of absence

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Does it makes your heart grows fonder? :-))

Sigh, I've been caught up with work and busy surfing lately without having any ideas what to write for my blog. I don't like to write about what I had for breakfast, you see, unless I'm having sushi with loads of Ebiko!

While surfing this few days, I found a very handsome picture of Jesus wrestling with the Satan. Can't help but to post it here. Or for a second if you don't agree that this is Jesus. Never mind. Isn't this man in white is handsomely drawn?

Be steadfast in your faith people! Amen!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

11.1.2010 - Don't Step on ME

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Grass will die if you step on it. Will you die when people 'step' on you?
Being nice people all of us are (yes...yes..hmhm), but we don't become others' doormat.


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Reminds me of The Sims2 game.

But this is Astro's upcoming movie on Jan 14th ---> Woohoo
They should really have their website in English too because I can't read Chinese. Anyway, the trailers and making looks promising. Can't wait!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Odd break start of the year.

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Amid all the glooms of church building attacks and the shattering visions of 1Malaysia (I myself were trapped anxiously waiting for news updates), I feel it's time again to look at the sunny side of life and while it lasts.

Last week, my good friend Serena came over for a week's visit. Remember my previous post on Kionsom? I then took a Thursday off to to discover the feel of being a Sabahan again. Ya, being dramatic.

I always feel that the mountain areas in Sabah are very peaceful and it always reminds me of the Rainforest music. Sometimes I feel like I can stay there forever.

The journey began at 6am with me arriving at Yinsoon's house. 6am! You know, I don't even wake up that early for work. But nevermind, I get to see how the morning school traffic jam again. Just like the sweet old days where all of us begged to grow up fast.

A good early morning best starts with Tuaran Mee. Tamparuli version also accepted.

Tamparuli's wooden shophouses. Not many left in Sabah. You can still find them around Papar.

The lone hut overlooking Mount Kinabalu

Me and Serena

Our 1st stop was at Kinabalu Park. Well, this is not the 1st time I've been there. But all other times, the stop was just to pop by and say hello to Kundasang's 'must stop' park. I suggested the visit to be a little bit more adventurous since we can't climb Mt. Kinabalu.

Ya, jungle trekking!

A short one. To Bukit Tupai Shelter

Come follow me!
The walk was through tree roots and stony staircases. Sometimes muddy. All I wore on my feet was a pair of Vincci sandals.

Right foot

Left foot

And this - the destination for the 380metres uphill climb.

Seeing rainforest. Cool.

The next stop was Kundasang War Memorial. And again this wasn't the 1st time of me being there. But if you're in Kundasang, this is also another must visit place. For people who love to take pictures, this would be a good place as it housed many types of beautiful floras and sceneries. Charge per entry for Malaysians is RM2.00.

They have this visual room to show visitors about the Sandakan's death march. When it came to the part where the soldiers starved to death (and it's really sad), the visitors in front shook their heads in disbelief.

Bangau trying to catch some Koi fish

Blooms at the park

And the Kundasang Valley. Sometimes when the sky is good, you can even see Mount Kinabalu. The view is totally superb.
The last stop was in Poring Hot Springs. Ok this would be a memorable one. 1st, I get to junggle trek again to a waterfall. 2nd, I get to dip my feet in the hot bathtub! Finally!

This waterfall would be around 100+ metres walk from the TreeTop Canopy walk's entrance.

I started to feel that this day was meant for real exercise after all those office hours and unhealthy non-exercise life. Glad that I can still walk and breathe!

The water was icy cold but not as cold as the one at Mesilau. I felt as though fishes were nibbling at my feet but when I looked down there was none. Weird.

There's another waterfall about 3km walk from the TreeTop Canopy walk, but because of time contraint, I have to leave that for another day. This time perhaps I want to really dip in the hot spring tub and visit the Sabah Tea Garden.

Yinsoon's couz drove real fast and we reached KK in 2.30hrs. Normal journey from Ranau would take about 3 to 3.30hrs. Surprisingly also, there weren't any no loaded trucks around to slow us down.

It is advised to leave Ranau/Kundasang before sunset as the roads are not supplied with streetlights and sometimes foggy.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

10.1.2010 - The Dissapointing News!

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Today's picture has nothing to do with creativity or art. See, I'm not even putting my normal tag.
This picture expressed my huge disappointment (and a lot of Sabahan's) over statements made by Datuk Clarence Bongkos Malakun.
I shall not pour my anger here.

Anyways when general elections come,  this can assist us before casting votes.

Note: Newspaper cutting not in full.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

You don't think I love you, do you?

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Scene 1

4 church attacks, rumours of car windscreens being smashed as they displayed Christian symbols and protests at mosque after Friday prayers.

All because of Allah, God of Abraham.

#churcharson in twitter is busy and abuzz with updates of the current situation. There are still Malaysians who are in solidarity of what had happened.  Most recognized this as an act of bully.

News on church bombing and attacks splashed across the international arena.

Scene 2

Reminiscing of what had happened before scene 1. Herald renewing publication permit.

KDN: Hey! You cannot use Allah in your publication. Foul! [Whistle blown :        phweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt! ]

Herald: Eh, Why lar? We have been using it for a long time what. Now only you got problem with it? Why? Why?

Muslim NGOs: We protest the use of "Allah"!!

Scene 3

Malaysians 1: This Herald ar, don't know why they want to play with 'fire' (shakes head in disbelief).

Malaysians 2: Eh, eh, we Christian different from them Catholic. Please draw a clear line. Please, please! (Takes a chalk and draw a line across the floor)

Malaysians 3: AL....Lah...what's the problem? You all fighting for one word?!

Malaysians 4: %&(*^($%#$!!

Malaysians 5: We will break their necks! Don't make us angry!

Malaysians 6: Yer, better just use "Tuhan" lar if like that. Sigh!

Malaysians 7: You all idiots!!!!!

Malaysians 8: God is Tuhan, so why still use Allah? Why? Why?!?!?!?!

Malaysians9: We fear that the future generations will be confused please understand a bit lah.

Scene 4

Aftermath of the church attacks, windscreens smashing and the protests.

Malaysians 10: It's a sad day for Malaysians. Black friday. Totally dissapointed.

Malaysians 11: Is the 1Malaysia plan still on??

Hello? Hello? HellooOOOOooOOoooOOOOoo??? (no sound in reply)

God have mercy on us.

Luckily, no one is injured in those incidents.

I love you Malaysia. Do you love me?

UPDATE 7.36pm: Miri church attacked. Malacca and Taiping's as well. Getting worse ya?

9.1.2010 - The Spider

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When I took this picture, I only wanted to capture the angle of these creepers. The sun was so hot and bright so I couldn't even see properly.
.....until I saw this when uploaded this my computer. A spider and its webs!
Black and small.

Friday, 8 January 2010

8.1.2010 - The road less travelled

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Ever been in the situation where you find making decisions a chore? That the road ahead seems hard and impossible? Take the road less travelled.
Perhaps you can work marvels there.

7.1.2010 - The Shadow

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My own shadow. The protruding shadow is my bag. Vain.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

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Just came back from Kundasang and Ranau. Very tired.

Bonne Nuit!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

6.1.2010 - The Sunset

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The sunset on my way back home. Thank God I wasn't the one who was driving (obviously, otherwise have to use my right foot to control the steering wheel). Otherwise my car will end up in the big drain and that's it I'm this old.
 The sun rays were so strong, it's blinding! The whole road was actually in gold colour. Majestic!
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What will you do when your brain can't stop thinking about going for holidays??!!!

I've got so many places that I want to go while I'm still young, eg:
1. Pasir Chagar Hutang at Redang;
2. Koh Samui / Phuket;
3. Go for massage (!) at Bali or visit Sulawesi
4. Angkor Wat (again)
5. Vietnam
6. Batanes, Philippines
7. Outward bound school that offers camping at island
8. Hot Springs
9. China
10. Silk Road
11. Maybe Kazakhstan (Central Asia mah)
12. Take train to Tibet

How to stay focus? How to stay focus??

Update 19:00hrs: I'm going for a short trip tomorrow! Yeay!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

5.1.2010 - The Green Lime

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Green lime growing right from my house!
At first I thought it was Limequat and will turn golden just in time for Chinese New Year. But this will be an ordinary green lime afterall.
Nevermind, I can still squeeze it for a cooling kit chat ping (Hakka dialect for Limau ais). Rich in Vitamin C!

Monday, 4 January 2010

Psalm 120

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I called to the Lord in my distress,
and he answered me.
Deliver me, O Lord, from lying lips
and from deceitful tongues.

How shall he pay you back,
O deceitful and lying tongue?
He will punish you with arrows
hardened over the glowing coals!

Woe is me who live with barbarians,
and dwell amid plunders.
My soul is sick of dwelling among those who hate peace;
I want peace,
but they think only of quarrels.

Today my head is in throbbing pain. Hence I can only pick this Bible verse to share with you all (and maybe to soothe my headache).

4.1.2010 - The First KFC in Kota Kinabalu

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KFC at Bandaran, opposite GSC Cinema and Bandaran Roundabout.

As recollected by my father, when this outlet was first opened around late 80s or early 90s, the queue to buy a piece of fried chicken is the same as the queue to buy a pair of McDonald's Hello Kitty soft toy.
 Perhaps it's faster to fry at home?

Sunday, 3 January 2010

3.1.2010 - The movie ticket

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Cheapest cinema in KK - The Growball Cinemax. RM7.00 per show during weekends. RM5.00 for students.

But behold, because you'll hear some tone deaf singing from karaoke session next door halfway through your movie. You have to concentrate hard in the movie in order not to hear it.

2.1.2010 - The comforting light

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Isn't it nice to sit comfortably like this toy bear, enjoying his presents and ambience?

Why do we humans frought with worries and anxiety eversince we enter the world?
From being frustrated for not being able to get our favourite toy to not being able to get the top grades..
From worrying about our exam results to worrying about our 1st job...
From thinking whether we earn enough to what property to buy..
And so on.

And it's only 2nd of Jan!

(This decorative light was given by Jovinia for my birthday some years back)

My Project 365

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I've converted my old blog into my Project 365. Do pay a visit at Paw Scribbles. TQ!

Yes, I'm going to use my loyal Canon Ixus 60.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Kionsom, Inanam

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Today is a historical day for me. Finally stepped into Kionsom for the first 24 years of my life. It's one of the nearest waterfall in Kota Kinabalu.

However, the waters today is very murky. I was told that usually the waters are clear but because it has been raining for the past few day, hence the Teh-C waterfall. Don't get thirsty, k ;-)

Entrance fee is RM1.50 per person. 15 minutes drive from Bukit Padang via the hills.

With Sarah, Serena and Arlene

Many staircases leading to different parts of the waterfall.
Teh-C buffet today.

I'm at the 3rd floor.

None of us girls feel tempted to take a dip today. We shall save it for another time when the water is clearer.

Friday, 1 January 2010

1.1.2010 - At Home

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1st day of New Year.
It's a rainy day. So I'm stuck at home catching up with friends online (while most people are enjoying their last night's party hangover). Jealous!

Should I have New Year Resolutions?

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I only remember my New Year Resolution for as long as the first 2 weeks of January.

After that, it'll be like, "Huh?"

But because New Year is so festive and I'll have a day off, I think a New Year Resolution will add some cheer before the workload comes in like huge tsunami. ARGH!

What I may want to achieve in 2010 is.......

1. Going holiday and take terrific pictures with my loyal Canon Ixus 650
2. Find what I'm going to do in life (I'm still very lost!)
3. Get DSLR (seriously)
4. Read more novels, watch more movies/dramas
5. Expand friends
6. Decorate my house
7. Enter and complete Project 365
8. Look prettier 



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