Saturday, 20 February 2010

Beautiful flowers..but look again

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Question of the century: Can you spot the mosquito?

p/s: Photo taken with my Sony Ericsson C905. Not bad ar..can capture obscure pest. Feel tempted to smash the mosquito? Go ahead! But don't damage the flowers, k. ;-)

Friday, 19 February 2010

I was here (yesterday)

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Next time, the entrance to my house should be something like this - GRAND green lush bamboo. Even better if there's fountain behind it. Got air, got water = fengshui. 

In the morning, I will sit in the front porch to surf the internet while sipping my Java Chip. My maine coon will be lying beside me trying to observe flying birds. I will fix a home surround system to play Chopin everyday (or should I hire a pianist instead?).

In the afternoon, I will nap like never before. No one will be entitled to take my beauty sleep away. Even prince charming is not allowed to wake me up, unless if I'm having a bad nightmare (noonmare?) [ You know like those times when you feel pressed half awake - can't move, can't even shout ].  Ok, but if I have such a beautiful house entrance like this, I think I will only have sweet dreams. And only the sweetest. MMmMmMmmmmm...

At night, I'll be feasting on Sushi with fresh salmon and ebikko. Great chefs will come over just to marinate and grill salmons while I'll wine and dine in the pool. Are you drooling now????? 

You know, all these reminds me of The Sims 2. The only fantasy of luxury that I can easily achieve is in the virtual world. What do you expect, one hot tub there only cost 8000simoleons. Somemore the Sims don't have to work, cheat codes will do! But one thing they don't have there is massage chair. I think I need that. 


This is actually one of the entrances at Alamanda. Still, it's mesmerizing right??? 

Thursday, 18 February 2010

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All of sudden I'm at the airport waiting to depart to depart back to KK. It's deja-vu to be here, it's deja-vu to suddenly going back. Tomorrow i'll be back at work. These are the crazy things that someone at a quarter life crisis will do.

p/s: blogging through my phone to kill time.

I'm somewhere

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Sipping a cup of Java Chip like there's no tomorrow. After few days (actually 2 weeks) of dry spells and extremely hot weather, I'm now suddenly in a place with lesser heat and humidity. Phew! You know, I wonder how anyone can survive without air-cond in KK. With such heat, one can easily get nightmare in sleep. You know, those poisonous snakes or murderors chasing for your life or drowning but takes forever to drown.

And like hot tissue paper being stuck inside nostrils and yet can miraculously breathe. Ok, I feel suffocated now.

At the same time, there's no need for you to go sauna in KK. You can come to my house, bring your bikini (guys can bring triangular trunks) and body butter to experience the sauna without the burning coal. The effect is as good (maybe better!). Long accumulated body toxins will definitely be sweated out.

Who wants sauna? Book your trial session now.

p/s: But must clean up your own dripping sweat.

p/s: a guy sitting behind my table is burping non-stop. Somemore he's smoking! Wish I can shove the hot tissue papers down his nostrils!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

New Year Eve night market

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Venue: Foh Sang, Kota Kinabalu

Rare moments (once a year phenomena) - bustling night market in KK

KK's yearly tradition of night market on the night before New Year Eve. The whole town will be jam here and there. The price of fresh produce will of course be higher than normal. Hey, sellers - why ar??? Not all Chinese are bloody rich, ok. As a result, people would just go to these night market for the ambiance and merry sake. Oklah, may be will get one or two items since we jammed all the way here.

1st and 2nd day of Chinese New Year: Guess what? Markets and shops are not open. Lucky everyone had bought their week long supply of vegetables (which by the end of the week will  become soggy). Even coffeeshops are not open for your regular tea, pau and siew mai session. So, time to learn how to bake!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

In remembrance of an injured golden stray cat

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(Maud Christie)

Dear Lord, it is so wet and drear,
The icy wind is beating round
The archway where a carter here
Has dropped some straw upon the ground.

I curl in tight against the cold
And wash the leg that got a kick,
I used to be so spruce of old,
But now I have no strength to lick.

In some dim way I think I knew,
A gentle hand that stroked my head,
And spoke kind loving words and true
And made a warm and cozy bed

And laid down plates of milk and meat
Before a warm and glowing fire.
Today I only had to eat
A fish-head lying in the mire.

I am a little frightened, Lord,
The world is very cruel and wild,
You love the little children, Lord,
I also am your loving child.

Father of all the tiny things
(The fallen sparrow in their plight
Are sheltered by your heavenly wings
Care for a little cat tonight.

My life is hard, my cupboard bare,
I wander here, I wander there,
And oft I forage in a bin,
But no kind soul will ask me in.
To feel 'belonged' by only thought,
But all my wishes come to naught.

He is battered and ugly, has fought in many battles,
And apparently lost them all - nobody wants him,
Nobody cares if a car reduces him
To a wet grey pulp to be cleared away and forgotten.
He is eternally wary, eternally hungry,
But food must be left in some anonymous corner,
Caresses repel him. Anything on two legs
Is hated and feared. Quite naturally of course,
He associates them with curses and kicks and stones.
I could weep for him. I cannot communicate -
The lines have vanished. To a cat, as to any creature,
A kindness may come too late - one kick too late.

Neighbour's puppies are terrorizing the strays at my backyard. The cat next to to the pointed one is injured. Eyes filled with pus, barely respond to me anymore.

*moment of silence

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Year 2010!

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Wishing everyone a year of Good Health,
a year of Joy,
a year of Prosperity,
a year of Love,
 a year of Wonderful Fellowship,
a year of Success,
a year of Good Food,
a year of Great Fortune!

My first try of lomo effect. Does it look like one?

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Wedding Bells !!

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Me getting married ???????(how come I didn't know) LOL..not so fast lah..

Just want to share with everyone, Fish Leong's wedding at Philippines. Simply awesome. And of course, congratulations to our dear Malaysian talented singer!

I still recall the time I heard her song on a cruise on Huang Pu River Tours. Felt so proud of her! See here.

Isn't it cool to have own wedding video/wedding trailer? 

*I'm actually hinting.


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