Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The year that was...2008

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Forget about new year Resolutions. They never work and is not practical. Not Practical!

Rather than drawing up some unfulfillable resolutions, I'd rather think about what I've done and achieved in the yesteryear of 2008.

  1. Completed my CLP in 1 sitting
  2. Attended ATC's Grand Convocation the 2nd time
  3. Started my pupillage
  4. Attended my 1st company dinner
  5. Went to Shanghai when the autumn season just started
  6. Get tanned during my breath-taking summer holidays
  7. Visited the disabled children's home in Taman Megah
  8. Learnt how to do hair updos
  9. Wore my 1st proper cheongsam
  10. Had a mini reunion with the Bestarians 2002
  11. Watched a European film
  12. Going to Seremban for a dinner (for Christmas and Dongzhi festival)
And I've also compiled a pictures of my 'award winning' photos

Breathtaking aren't they?

And a peek into my whole year's compilation...

At least these memories are truly mine. Thank you 2008.

Hi 2009.. can you give me a SLR..please?

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Bill of Cost, oh!

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Now for the whole week, I'll be seeing Bill of Cost, eating Bill of Cost and sleeping Bill of Cost...

Blog oh remind me of my near holiday, hooray!


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