Sunday, 6 April 2008

Relevancy of the upcoming exam

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Today newspaper's article by NST is to be welcomed ('Is this the end of CLP?'). My answer to their question above give a strong urge and hope to yes. And I am sitting for the exam this upcoming July.

I wished they could have scrapped it so much earlier even before I did my degree. At least I can look forward for the Common Bar Course. It sounds more prestigious, established and on par. If people come and ask how I do my CLP, I'd say study..hard, harder and hardest.

I can see that exam questions might not be difficult, but it is the volume of information that needs to be memorised! Like for Professional Practice, we have 5 different set of laws to study. But we are only allowed to bring in one statute book which only cover for 1 topic. The other 4 topics, we have to memorise (MEMORISE) the statutes and cases! Sometimes I wonder if there's external brain for sale.


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