Sunday, 12 April 2009

Why I did not blog for so long?

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The answer to some would be obvious. I was really caught up with work, and even I had some scarce free time, it would be wisely spent on playing games to unwind and relax.

Since February, I signed up for Sign Language class in YMCA, KL. As a result, a weekend is not a proper weekend as I did not get enough time to rest. But I'm glad that I took up some classes to keep myself occupied.

With our beloved BIM instructor, Ke Xin ( the one happily showing off her gift)

I'm also aware that I'm not done with my Cambodia trip chronicles, BUT those who are in my facebook can still view those pictures.

Also, I've started with my Dock Brief as part of the Legal Aid programme compulsory for all chambering students. The first time when I had to stand up and speak to the magistrate in open court, I was so nervous that I can feel that my hand was about to shake. HOWEVER... I can't show it as all the accused were sitting in the dock right behind me. I had to pressed my hand hard on the table to stop myself fumbling and showing signs of nervousness.

So far, I helped 4 drug addicts mitigated for lighter sentence. After mitigating for the 3rd accused, I was steadier. Thank God the magistrate did not fire at me or did anything drastic to me. He was nice enough to grant me 10 minutes (as if it's enough) to interview all the accused, and I had 4 to handle ( luckily, I had a partner to assist me but eventhough she has no locus standi to address the court).

It was an eye opener having accused telling all sorts of stories about their life. As far as I know, they do have difficult life and peer pressure to sustain. Some, I think is fit to adopt prison as their second home. Sometimes I wonder if they understand what is the meaning of life at all.

I hope this will be the last time the DVD seller cum drug addict be sent to prison. He's is my age.


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