Saturday, 26 January 2008

Coming CNY

The year of the rat is coming soon...and I'm also going back to Sabah soon..hooorraayyy! Few days back, I have been to 1U and The Curve in search for a beautiful pair of shoe, but search ended in vain. Nevertheless, once again I've captured some scenic view of the CNY 'feel' there....but nothing beats Bt. Bintang's CNY feel. That's where Chinese young and old shop for their new clothes at a more affordable price for their favourite fashion trends from the Far East.

I like the bluish color of the window panes reflection and sky amidst those hanging red lanterns.

CNY is suppose to be spring festival. Here, we have it the summer always (even Christmas). Beautiful clear blue sky, such rarity in Kuala Lumpur.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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