Sunday, 15 February 2009

I love SiemReap

1st day

I must thank SiemReap for giving me sights to most beautiful architecture and meaning of simple life (although I can find that in Sabah too).

I have a chance to make a short trip there for 3 nights during the Chinese Lunar New year and I can say that I will return for another visit, and many more visits if $$ permits.

Upon arrival to Siem Reap airport. Architecture looks more like a beachside resort.

A street in Siem isn't it?

Grave inside one of the temples

A visit to the Artisan Angkor, where Cambodia finest crafts are made. Compared to China tours, one thing I like about Cambodia is that they don't pressure tourists to buy their products.

Aerial view from the hotel. Perfect isn't it? No tall buildings.

Travelling in tuk-tuk with my parents.

Look at the condition of the road. The tour guide told us that they don't call this bumpy road anymore. It's dancing road!

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