Thursday, 4 June 2009

What am I born to do?

I can't believe to be still thinking about this question until now when I'm supposed to be already mapping my career and having at least a 5 years plan.

I definitely know that I'm not such a law legal person. I don't like to think like a lawyer. I'm a regular jane and lawyers are humans too. I'm just stuck at it because I'm reminding myself that it is doable.

My heart has always been for arts eversince Form 4 when I started to hate science and maths.

That day, when I was asked to comment on a logo, I happily offered my help to make changes to parts of it. Someone told me that I shouldn't waste too much time on it as there are no extra points for having a nice logo. I told myself that I'd rather be designing the logo than doing anything else. Why am I in the legal profession?

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sarahmarilyn said...

i feel the way u do! art has always been my passion since mistake was not realising it early enough to have it as one of my career options...medicine isn't that horrible but if i cud turn back time, i'll open my eyes wide enough and consider a variety of potential careers instead of having that one track mind. being a doc was all i care about...and i didn't even have any clue about medicine!

but since we're already in our respective working line, there's almost no turning back...its hard but im sure every other professions have their pros and cons too...on the other hand, if u dont do law, you prob wud regret like crazy! and wondering why werent u a lawyer? :)

anyway i wish u alll the best in ur future sure ure goin to be a great lawyer one day...a famous one even :)


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