Thursday, 7 February 2008

1st day of New Year

Early morning, my family woke up to attend mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral for the New Year. The mass was celebrated with elements of the Chinese customs such as the Chinese drum beats and cymbals. Lyrics of the common New Year songs were changed into praise and worship songs. The homily was about Chinese culture of praying to the gods by various ways...which showed that human being always look for a hope in their lives. Although as Christians we're not supposed to look for other 'gods' for help and hope because we already have God in our lives, however we must constantly keep a strong faith and trust in our God to provide for our needs. Hence, instead of always looking for "cai" (wealth), it is more meaningful to look for health, joy and peace in our hearts.

But let us not 'hesitate' to say "Gong Xi Fa Cai" (wishing you a prosperous wealth) , "Hong bao na lai" (Red envelope, please!) to those who is going to give you the red packet (Hong Bao) in the hope we'll get a bigger and bigger packet year after year! hehehehehehe......

Below are some lion dance pictures which I took outside the church after the mass.

Chinese New Year in a clear blue sky...the dance troup were waiting for the people to gather around.

3 cute big cats

Half of the crowd

Yah! It jumped

A very tricky pose

Landing after a pole jump..and the coat flew. Thud!

"hei..what's this?"

Stand up straight and strettttttccccchhhhh

Say hi to the Bishop!

And here's a video of a stunt by this beautiful purple lion....

Once again, happy new year!

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