Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Succumbing to peer pressures

I thought peer pressures only exist among school going youngsters who are too young still to have their own stand. What their classmate has, they want it too. All the more, they yearn for the latest, the hippiest and the coolest. They admire trends and want to be trendsetter. The beauty of youngsters? (At least during school days there's a lot of reading materials to help kids realise and overcome peer pressures)

When you thought it'll end when you hit adulthood, well no. Now, what car does your college/uni friends drive, you want it too. What brand of shirt they're wearing, you secretly buy them the next day. They have a new hairstyle, and you want to look like that too...peer pressure continues. But at a bigger cost. The silliest part is, they have a gorgeous looking girlfriend, and you lust for her too! (or gorgeous looking boyfriend)

And when you are a matured working adult, you have peer pressure to buy bigger house, to renovate it, to buy posh cars, to have smart children, to have children to wear Gucci and Barbie Doll bags...it continues....even until the day you die..to have a grand funeral.

Why not just admit that you are envious of what your neighbour has? And to feel proud that you can look better?

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