Tuesday, 9 September 2008

And the excitement continues..

Next, the ATC CF came for a week-long visit.

At Upper Star, eve of the ATC CF group's arrival

Having lunch after arrival at 1Borneo's New York New York

My adventure with the gang begun at KK Adventure Park (Dom went back to KL).

Getting ready for *ACTION!

KK Adventure Park offers many action packed activities which is most fun if you go with a group of friends. It's not a very huge place, but we ended up spending the whole day there. By evening, all of us were sore from neck to arms and nicely sunbaked.

This is a High rope challenge. Behind is wall climbing.

One of the challenges

Flying Fox. To get there, need to climb a 40 metre high metal ladder.

Beach buggies and quad bikes

Getting ready for sea kayaking!

I think the best part is kayaking because that is the only activity I'm good at.

  • I wasn't determined enough to complete wall climbing
  • High Ropes is ok but i fell in one of the challenges. Wrong foot forward.
  • The ladder up to flying fox is tedious and shaky.
  • Quad bike is ok
  • I'm just not physically fit and mentally prepared.

It was a fun day nevertheless. We sang in the middle of the sea (led by Edmund). Aside from me and Serena (we shared the same kayak), the rest even played team-building game in the middle of the sea. What a fun! Me and Serena did not join that part as I was more cautious of jellyfish and it was her 1st time kayaking. So we rather not take any risk of falling into the waters.

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