Monday, 8 September 2008

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

Who can be more excited than normal KK folks when we actually have a zoo nearby. It's a 20 minutes drive from Penampang. I believe that the zoo had just recently opened around Febuary 2007.

I love the entrance.

very 'Survivor' like feel..

In a hot day like this, visitors are scarce. Hence, the 'tranquility' when we visited the wildlife park.

In the beginning, I was entertained by talking birds and singing bird. Not bad. These birds can say 'Selamat datang' (Welcome).

A glimpse of the hornbill

And a peacock

And the friendly elephants

Taking a nice dip in a hot weather

He's quite friendly...and hungry

2 elephants dancing in joy

I think that the only group of animals enjoying our visit is the elephants. They danced, they tried to get near to us visitors and even perform their bathing sessions. Since it was 12-1pm when i visited and it was super hot with the sun directly over my head, I think the other animals were equally suffering under the heat as well. That is why they tried their best to sleep to forget the heat.


Aside from these, the other animals look pretty same, nothing bizzare. I wished they had tiger cubs.

And by the way, the park offers no buggy ride. So you need to walk around. It's certainly silly ito go in a hot afternoon.

Next time any zoos I'm going to, it has to be early in the morning, evening or nightime...where the animals are more enthusiastic to greet me when I say "Hallo".

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LiPing said...

OMG!!! I want to visit this place!!!!!!


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