Sunday, 12 October 2008

China Trip (Wuxi-Suzhou)

Good morning, Wuxi. Most of us were rudely awaken by the tv blasting away in our rooms. Why?
So please switch off your tv completely before going to sleep

Wuxi's morning was great with a visit to the Three Kingdoms City.

Since I've just watched Tony Leung's Battle of the Red Cliff not long ago (and eating meat burger with my eyes wide during the slaying scenes), I enjoyed my visit here.

I imagined that I'm the wife of either Zhuge Liang, Zhou Yu or Sun Quan or the sister or Sun Quan, Sun Shangxiang. I want to ride a horse and shoot bows!

But I'm just a tourist

This is how Liu Bei's chamber looks like

Zhuge Liang's modern wife holding a camera

Why do I chose Zhuge Liang and not Sun Quan or Zhou Yu? Because the character (in Battle of Red Cliff ) was acted by Takeshi Kaneshiro and he looks smart as Liu Bei's advisor. Ok, Chang Chen as Sun Quan is not too bad too. However, I can't stop thinking about the bedroom scene in Lust, Caution when I watched Tony Leung here.

The miniatures of Battle of Red Cliff

We were treated to a live show on how the battle of 3 kingdoms looks like

I still prefer the movie itself. The 'warlords' here look simply too young but they have good horse riding skill. At the same time, there were many (MANY) school kids with their teachers there as well for school trip. I saw a boy's bag were filled with packets and packets of sweets and chips. Good gracious! I wanted to ask him why is he bringing so many junk food on a healthy school trip.

Next, we had to board a battle ship in case Cao Cao came and attack us. It was in Lake Tai (of course the real battle wasn't held here).

Nice eh?

On the deck. We're supposed to be fighting against Cao Cao, not taking pictures.

Back to the peasants' life

Upcoming: Suzhou...

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Dominic Chew said...

Nice pics. I bet there is more to come. Love your style of writing


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