Saturday, 1 November 2008

Shanghai, here we come!

The long awaited destination, Shanghai! Actually, we didn't get to see much of Shanghai except those I'm showing to you later. We've only been to Nanjing Street, Cheng Huang Miao, Huang Pu Jiang and The Bund (if I'm not mistaken). The following morning was in Song Ching Ling Memorial and some feng shui talk which ended up in coaxing us to buy the "Pi Xiu" and the last stop was at Tong Ren Tang medical hall.

The excitement of going into Shanghai

Observing Shanghaiese waiting for bus..hahah!

Nanjing Street where the rich does their shopping. According to the tour guide, it's a pre-national day, thus more people will crowd this area by 6pm. At the material time I took this picture was around 3pm.

One of the many shopping centres at Nanjing Street. I didn't like going in as it's very warm inside. Preferred to just walk on the street to enjoy the cool afternoon breeze and join the crowd. People there buy branded stuffs as though it's free of charge!

Took the mini tram which brought us tour the whole Nanjing street first. Cost about RMB2 per ride

Other side of the street. Manage to try the juicy pork bun. Something different from our pork bun back in M'sia.

Happiness in Nanjing Road is shortlived when we had to move on to Cheng Huang Miao, another shopping area and more affordable. It used to be a temple and old town in Shanghai.

Me at Cheng Huang Miao. We tried the Xiao Long Bao (which is actually quite big). Cost RMB12. For the extra plastic container to put the Bao, they charged RMB 1!!! Otherwise, it'll be too hot to hold with bare hands the Bao basket. How to eat: 1st, need to suck out all the gravy using straw. Eww...I was thinking all the fatty oils being channeled to my stomach. Then only you eat using chopsticks. I still prefer to eat mini Xiao Long Baos afterall.

The busy Cheng Huang Miao. According to the tour guide, Shanghainese would call this "Xiao Che Jie" meaning food street in direct translation.

They even have Starbucks! What a combination

After that, we had to rush off to Huang Pu Jiang as we're behind schedule to catch the ferry.

Here in this cruise, we'll get to see Pudong and Puxi and the beautiful Pearl Tower. At the cruise ship, I went on top of the deck. The atmosphere were so great that it felt like a cocktail party except that all of us were wearing jackets. At the same time, Fish Leong's song were being played. Made me feel so proud of being a Malaysian and a Chinese descent.

The Pearl Tower. One regret is that our tour did not provide us to go up the tower itself. Further, we didn't even go there per se. Only view from the cruise.


The night ended at another Shanghai's old street where people used to stay there. Now turned into a cool western chill out place, like The Curve.

And then we're brought back to our hotel. Very cool hotel. Will tell you in the next post.

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dom said...

A very good travelogue.

Good explanation of your trip as well as well taken pictures to compliment the description of the place.

Keep it up with the good stuff 


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