Saturday, 1 November 2008


I'm a little bit outdated with my blog postings here regarding my trip to China 2 months ago ( 2 months!). However, my heart is still at China enjoying it's autumn/winter season. I longed to wear winter jackets and walk along the street displaying my imaginary pair of boots. Well, my physical is still stuck in Malaysia, particularly Kuala Lumpur.
Nevertheless, let's see where I've been in Suzhou.

A beautiful river where the lady would sing some old Suzhou folk songs while rowing the boat

Mini Venetta Ice-cream. Took forever to melt

Ou yuan is also known as the The Couple's Garden Retreat in Ping Jiang Road

This is one of the halls

The corridors to many rooms

This carvings is really marvellously done. 3D

The scenic pond in the house. Look at the clear reflections on water!

The hall proper

The old boats which will take us all back to the bus stand

Me and my mom enjoying the cruise

Listen to the lady sings

As we were heading off to another hotspot, I managed to catch this sunset. Do you remember that I took a photo of Hangzhou's sunrise?

Next stop--> Tian Du Qiao

Over here, 2 of our lucky tour members managed to buy all 4 bags of ginko at RMB10 each! Damn cheap!

Next morning, we visited the Silk factory

How does my new jacket looks like? Bought in Suzhou

Behind me, the Silk factory. I bought 2 silk pillows at total RMN480

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