Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Hello there! After a long major haul in blogging due to tight working schedules, I'll be back soon with some revamp to this blog. Initially I thought of either deleting it or just keep it as it is (idle), but whatever I've blogged here are sort of my own journal. It's for me and for me to share with the world.

I've always tried to write only positive and happy thoughts. Afterall, why do we want to be burdened with melancholies and toxic thoughts after a day of dealing with nonsense.

As my corelDraw CD is deep in one of the many boxes (my house at home is undergoing major renovation work, hence most personal belongings is being kept in boxes), I am not able to change some of the layout in this blog. Mind you, I'm terribly ashamed that the header is still bearing the year '2008'!

Don't worry, don't worry......it will be replaced soon. Hopefully very soon..

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