Friday, 27 November 2009

Power cut more frequent in Sabah

Actually Namewee's infamous TNB video was posted some time ago. Only now the government has discovered it. Slow, right?

Read also TheStar here

Oh well, I must add one more thing. I believe West Malaysia's power supply is a lot better than Sabah's counterpart. But really, power cut is damn irritating when you are in the midst of something urgent.

This was what happened on a fine Monday afternoon when I was to finish a submission with my boss due the next day. To everyone's dismay, there was a power cut at Jalan Pantai, Kota Kinabalu for 2 1/2 hours! We finally finished our work in the office at only around 2 am. If there wasn't a power cut, all of us (including the support staffs) could have gone back by 11 pm.

Would you still be complaining politely then?

Perhaps SESB and it's independent power suppliers should also apologize to us Sabahans? In the month of October and November, I've endured 5 power cuts; 3 at the office and 2 at home.

Make sure this Gas-powered plant is not second hand!

3 Yawns:

theeggyolks said...

*nod nod (head) I'm totally on your side! I remembered when I studied in KK few years ago, my hostel (Indah Permai) would *pooff! (lights off) almost once a week! I really hate it especially when I was rushing my assignments and all of the sudden, BLACK OUT! I lost most of my writings and have to re-do everything! -_-"

Dominism said...

TNB is not really improving much

Karen said...

it happened again last week at office...power cut from 1.30pm to 4.30pm.

Just when boss let us call it a day at 4.30pm, the electric came back!

But she let us off anyway...hehehehhhh

But the thing is, we wasted a whole afternoon!


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