Monday, 12 April 2010

Is it time to give up on Malaysia?

Recently there are many stupid PERKOSA news. Such as Here and here.

Today I saw some discussion in Facebook where some fellas suddenly turn hostile and dug up history and debate as to who is 'pendatang' and who is not. So I thought I want to give my ultimatum and this is what I posted:-

Dearsssss....let's us not fight over this...why not we kumpul duit migrate je lah...ALL OF US non-malay. Sounds good? Let them fight to death their Ketuanan what not...I'm getting sick and tired of all these.

It feels like shit being labelled as Pendatang over and over again even though it is not my choice or intention to be born here. When I'm studying and working my ass off for this country, all i get is to be reminded that I'm a pendatang. WTH

Thank you Malaysia, I'm very grateful. And to Ibrahim Ali and Mae oh Mae for reminding me."

And do you know what kind of response I've got? This:-

Mae Oh Mae

Karen, there is no sizeable Melayu community in China or any part of the world. Why, because we are lazy. Being lazy, we are peaceful people, we dont go to other people's place and kacau them. Unlike your stock, who came here, buat bising-bising, want to make this Tanah Melayu as yours. I sometime wonder why the current generation of Malaysian ... See MoreChinese is not as movable as their grandfathers who came from China. Nowadays, transports are easily available, but because they became lazy as well, they dont want to move out, especially after they found out that the native (Malays) can be easily conned.
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I feel like I just got stabbed in the lungs. Should I or should I not have suggested to move out from Malaysia?

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what the heck is wrong with people nowadays! so narrow-minded! seriously, the only pendatangs are migrants, not people who were born here! I myself probably am more a pendatang than you, because even though I am malay, i was born in australia, and therefore I 'datang' to malaysia instead.

as for sizeable melayu community, there are hundreds all over the world. MaeOhMae should move to cocos islands. population there is only 600 people, and 500 of them are malays. she would feel so at home there!

Karen said...

Ihsan, it's so encouraging to hear from you! At least I can now see some light at the end of the tunnel ^_^

I shall suggest that to Mae. hehehhhhhhh

Dzof said...

Perhaps you should refer them to and quote the following:
"The Encyclopedia of Malaysia: Early History, has pointed out a total of three theories of the origin of Malay:

1. The Yunnan theory, Mekong river migration (published 1889)
2. The New Guinea theory (published 1965)
3. The Taiwan theory (published 1997)"

Alpha Ace said...

great post ^^

the Malaysia economic is stagnating and more influx of foreign 3rd world migrants coming in were my concern here.

Why they came here? Coz it was so at home to them. Ya, you heard me rite, they did felt at home coz Malaysia is heading to become stumble back to 3rd world ideology - corruption and selfish gain.

Malaysia no longer look into developing the country into competitive one. It back sliding further. Indons had populating this country and breeding fast. In 20 years time down the road. Malaysia will be no better than Indonesia and Philippine.

I do not dare to have a next generation here...coz i know how it will looks like to them - Indon.

Karen, if you can and able migrate. Many local Malays with well educated intellectual had moved overseas and they know it is not worth of coming back here until they got their PR overseas.

Not only rich and middle class are moving out ... but also those who know about this ill fate of political circus show.


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