Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Sequel : Is it time to give up on Malaysia?

Mae on his campaign : Cina balik China, India balik India. 

How can such people like Mae oh Mae exist in the 21st century and in Malaysia!!??? I just do not understand. Although Ihsan have cured part of my stab wounds (Thanks Ihsan!), but it got reopened again. I'm not sure if oxygen mask/tank would be able to help me breath. Help! 

Here, his profile link.


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very hard to define Malay anyways. There's the constitutionally defined Malay, where the requirements are being Muslim, speaks Bahasa Melayu, and practice Malay culture. Nothing in there that says you have to be in the Malay bloodline. A classmate of mine has a mother who is 100% ethnically chinese, but she was adopted by a malay family since birth, and she has no knowledge of her biological chinese family. she has a muslim name, speaks Bahasa Melayu and practices Malay culture, since she is brought up that way. What does she tick when filling in forms? MELAYU.

In malaysia, that's how malays are defined, and anyone can become malay. no bloodline nor genetic heritage defines you as Malay. therefore, we can't say which ethnic identity is malay and not malay and who belongs to the country and who is pendatang, because after all, the term is constitutionally defined anyways, and has no biological / genetic root.

if one reads the definition of a malay in Article 160 of the constitution, one would have a better understanding of how loosely defined the Malay status is.

MaeOhMae's ancestors could be pendatang too. in fact, everyone is pendatang, and the genetic origins of the Malays are from philippines, taiwan and all the way back to china anyways. so we all are from the same place if we go that far back. if MaeOhMae can use the issues as far back as 50-100 years ago, what's to stop us from tracing the history to 10,000 years ago?

Anonymous said...

i am a native (that's how they define us under the constitution) but historically originally i believe we were not "asal" borneo, but we came first to "borneo" before the rest, so we were just the first comers/settlers. therefore we were also pendatangs, bah.

karen, no worries. in sabah we are well mixed :). like Darien he is half native half chinese, so should Darien stay in sabah or should he leave (since he is not pure native)? i don't think so.

sabah needs more young people like you :).



Karen said...

Thanks Ihsan and Flo...Malaysia need more people like both of you (I went blogwalking and saw similar bloggers who hold the same opinion as both of you too).

The government shouldn't encourage/fan such sentiments. If not, it's very difficult for the country to move forward. These fellas in M'sia are busy arguing on race and religion oblivious to the fact that our neighbouring countries are going to overtake us very soon.



Lion said...

Visiting back~

Indeed we need more sound and show no mercy on discrimination!

don't sigh, we are with you :)

Azura Ani Salaim said...

lol, sampai sini sis post ya, bagus jugak, sebab si mae oh mae tu pandai padam2 dia punya komen, at least ada print screen tunjuk kebodohan dia tu. mudah2an jak la dia insaf.

Alpha Ace said...

forget those things baby ^^

Earthquake is now happening in monthly basis(big one -more than 5.0 Ritcher scale)

Pole shift is setting in and gaining momentum. By 2012 we will probably going back to meet our maker - Sovereign God.

Why bother who is who and where they came from and with what rights? When in heaven, do you think God will categorize us?

ooops ... some might not make it there. Peace be with you and all who have peace intention in their heart for God is peace and love.


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