Friday, 21 May 2010

Personality Test : The Verdict

The first word I'm going to say here is SIGH. Sorry, it's 'The" afterall. Sorry again if you didn't get the joke. It was never meant to be funny before I'm typing this in a very depressing mode. Depressing!!

If I'm not a goody two shoes, then I would have used a lot of swear words. Then all of you will eventually quit reading my blog wondering what happened to this girl. 

I think I'm facing quarter-life crisis. Being stuck with things and choices which will eventually determine me on where I am for the rest of my life. No, it's not wedding bells. It's career.

How many of you think that you've made the worst decision in your life by doing the job you're doing and studying the course you are studying?? I've asked around before and the most common answer I got was "You must pray about it". That's not a very helpful response -_-///

Today, I re-took a career test and discovered the following to be my ideal profession:-  (I'm an INFJ)

career counselor
- Yes, if I'm one, I will advise everyone to choose the career which they're passionate about. Not what their parents tell them to do!!! Not another doctor, engineer, accountant and lawyer only profession. Geez.

- I don't mind doing this but I may ask/advise outside scope out of curiousity..hehehe like certain juicy details.

educational consultant
- I don't know what they do. But assume to be same as career counselor.

special education teacher
- Ok, I'm still fine with this for as long as I don't have to change diapers. But I don't think I'm patient enough to even teach normal kids.

- Is it about read read and read? Or sourcing and arranging for books? Ok only if it's a large library. Small time don't want.

- I'm a born artist inside out. Regrettably didn't have the physical appearance for it.
- Hey not bad.....what play you want? Cheesy dialogues?

- I honestly have always wanted to write a novel but until now can't find a suitable theme. Shall I compile a FICTIONAL  office bitching stories??? Ok, whatever my idea is it's supposed to be confidential. Shhhh....

editor/art director
- Count me in. 

- If only I've taken formal course for this. 

HRM manager
- I love the feeling of having everyone under my mercy for firing and hiring. 

merchandise planner
- Ok no problem. When do you want to launch your products?

environmental lawyer
- Finally a hint of 'lawyer'. Well.........although I'm passionate about keeping the environment clean and unpolluted, I know nuts about fighting for that right except through protests and petitions.

job analyst
mental health counselor
educational consultant
- vaguely boring jobs. Sorry.

What would you actually do if you're not enjoying what you're currently doing?

3 Yawns:

Jiashinlee said...

I wanna be someone's personal shopper in NYC. That's gonna be heaven for me :P

Karen said...

Oh're so right!

Flo said...

I want to be a footballer hahaha...but I dont know how to play larr *joking* hehehe


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