Friday, 11 June 2010

Ole ole ole ole..!! Fifa 2010

Actually watching the match and blogging at the same time. Yo very excited for FIFA! It's the only football tournament that I'll every watch. My favourite team is South Korea.

Go go South Korea!

But for tonight, I'm supporting South Africa because they're the host. And they scored the 1st GOAL! At the same time, the Mexicans team are quite good looking. Shouldn't I support the good looking one? Hehehhhh....quite torn between both teams.

By the way, is it me or is it my tv? There seems to be buzzing noise as though a large swarm of bees are flying in the pitch while the hunks are busy with the ball.

On a solemn note, it's sad to hear that Mr. Nelson Mandela's great grand-daughter died in a car crash before the match.

Yo Mexico lengzhai SCORED at 11.41pm making it now 1-1. Woooohoooo!

Ok, better get back to the match! :-P

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theeggyolks said...

i hope south africa win -_-"


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