Tuesday, 22 March 2011

"Opposition Leader" sex scandal, really?

In a country where people pretend to be religious god says this and god says that, sex scandals or at least purported sex scandals excites people or so it seems. Yes, it was amusing when Chua Soi Lek was caught with his pants down years ago leading to his resignation. But so what..he got elected to be MCA's president anyway. So anti-climax. 

Now back to this "Top Opposition Leader". Seriously, don't think we're that stupid to not know who this Datuk T is implying. And seriously, who is actually following the current court case religiously? Charge of sodomy meh sodomy lah...not like I care. 

Also, don't tell me one man has to be 'caught' twice (2 times!!!!) and yet never learn his lesson. If it's really true, he better start having those out of wedlock relationship in his very own house at the sight of his wife without the cameras or any recording devices. Foolproof the house with recording devices if possible. 

It's amazing that some people can be so obsess with who this "Top Opposition Leader"  is sleeping with and probably the outlook of his sexual organ. *shakes head in disbelief.

Anyway, we shouldn't be interested with the new sex saga unless it comes with the video footages. I am actually waiting, if any, will be released. Censor it if needed but let us see if Datuk T (who bravely revealed himself to reporters but not the public) has a valid allegation.

Otherwise, this whole will just a miserably failed attempt to tarnish a person's image via the most condemnable dirtiest tactic. 

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