Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Malaysia toy poodle abuser


Why are Malaysians so sicko nowadays?

p/s: The funny thing about this whole saga is that the wrong guy was identified as the man in this video and his Facebook profile appeared in the Taiwan news. OMG I don't know whether to laugh or not.

Guys, next time don't write "I'm a cold blood bunny" (or anything of that sort, even though if you are as described :-P) in Facebook profile ..will unexpectedly land you in deep shit.

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i am reluctant to click and watch the video... is it really depressing?

tranquility said...

actually this is not as bad as compared to other animal abuse videos where people throw bricks or cut the animal for the fun of it. This poor dog got slapped, beaten, pulled and thrown because I think they want to train the dog to stand, but of course in an absolutely wrong manner. No blood or gory stuffs.

Simply outrageous because those people in the video happens to be Malaysians.

Chelle said...

heart wrenching... why are these ppl so insane? ytd i watch another clip cause i couldnt find this clip...there's some lunatic burning a cat alive in a cage. ='(


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