Tuesday, 16 October 2007

POTs...Part 1

I just came back from POTs(Professional of Tomorrow) Conference today - organized by Fellowship of Evangelical Students (FES). As much as I enjoyed the camp soooooooo much, I'm now drop dead tired and exhausted (and a little bit sick).

With Ellaine, Ye Ling, Arlene, Alice and Bee Teng at KL Sentral

POTs basically consist of students from 3 professions: medical, law and teacher - and hail from all over Malaysia. Although Sabah did not have any student representative to attend the camp, however, the number of students originate from Sabah is shocking enough.

A brief intro of Peaceheaven, Genting Highlands.

Peaceful looking dormitory blocks

With a nice view of the road made suitable for 'drifting'.


Basically, there's nothing hectic on the first day but just settling down and making new friends. At night was opening ceremony of the Conference and meeting between small groups (each were assigned to specific small group and buzz group which consist of campers from other campuses).

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