Thursday, 11 October 2007

iPOTs tomorrow!

During this Hari Raya break, I'll be off to a christian camp called iPOTs ( Professionals of Tomorrow) at Peaceheaven Genting Highlands from 12th October-16th October. Few weeks ago I was complaining being bored to death because tutorials are only starting next month. But then subsequently Esther called me to volunteer in preparations of the camp. I gladly accepted the invitation and thought I could really commit like her. Wow! hehe...
Day One - meeting at Masjid Jamek, supposedly at 8am.

'Stampede at Masjid Jamek'! Ok, here I am only capturing when half of the crowds are gone. It'll be the only time where you see the greatest number of Malaysians rushing off to work. I stood there and watch since 8.30am till 9am when Esther came and met me (she overslept, I had to miss few 'sardine-packed' trains).

At the FES office, we were assigned to a very special task. Drawing maps and place respective universities inside the map. There will be an exhibition to inform campers etc about other universities besides their own and also where Christian presence are missing or lacking.

Rosey and Esther frantically searching for the missing localities. We left our geography behind grandmother years ago, and if we're taking PMR again, we definitely going to score As with one eye closed. Never can I imagine Law graduates doing this. Afterall, what we usually did in college were attending class and hang out chit chatting.

After whole day work, it's always good to relax for a while. If only offices in the city have such facility - playgrounds. Gosh, it'll be so nice to relax after a day of stress and mundane.

It was Mid-Autumn festival that day. But I will write on a separate post after obtaining pictures taken from friends.

Day Two - a week later. What I've said earlier about committing to this volunteer job, I could've done better than coming in once a week. However, since Esther and Rosey were part of the committee (or something like that) they bear slightly more responsibilities than I do. I was the 'drop-in once in a very blue moon' volunteer.

I found this very interesting set of colour pens from Faber Castle:

They can join together! How I wish I had those when I was younger. I even took time to rearrange them beautifully.

And the colour pens are so flexible that you can make a 'binocular' out of it.

Anyway, after 2 days of helping out, I suppose the maps turned out nicely and I hope it did since I wasn't there then it was completed. If I have the chance to snap photos of the maps at the camp, I shall be happy to post it here then. Till then, I won't be updating for the week timebeing.

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