Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Life changing at 22

Ok, so i've revealed my age here. Well, I'm still young. But there have been a lot of life changing situations I see that is occuring around me. Be it culture, emotional, schedule shock. Our mainstream school ends when we are 17 yrs old, which is form 5. At that time, everyone graduate with a SPM (Sijil Penilaian Menengah). So everyone is at the same par, with one certificate.

Life after SPM, some might end up married(!), some going to their pre-university, some entering foundation, some work, the others just vanished. It would be a life changing experience since you'll say goodbye to most of your high school friends. After seeing your high school friends since elementary level, it's just disturbing to have to make new friends all over again when you are sooooooooo used to the normal friends you have. It's like moving to a new neighbourhood. You get bonked out.

After pre-U, everyone gets to college, some stopped to work however. Out of 60 students in a class, only 4 went to the same college with me, leaving the rest elsewhere. However, some of us still kept in touch while the number of those who were with me in high school sadly dwindles from contact (except keeping in touch by through blogs etc).

What I want to highlight today is....I've entered college as a single person (not that I'm married now). Some romance happened when I was in year 2 (and is still). I've heard people 2-4 years my senior are getting married one by one and the next age group would be mine in 3-4 years! Gosh how time passed.

The thing is, I've entered college with most of us single and unattached. I guess I was the 1st among my college peers to get attached within the same radius. Now after 3 years, guess what? We're welcoming the 5th couple that I've come to know. I was just told yesterday the 'birth' of a new couple. Must be fun to see who managed end up getting married at last. Whoopppsss....no rushing! C-O-N-G-R-A-Ts..... convo is near too.

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Irene Kam said...

haha karen,i like this one =D


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