Sunday, 16 December 2007

Christmas Care Campaign

On the 8th December, once again, my college's Christian Fellowship had organized a Christmas Care Campaign as part of our reaching out programme and to share our love with underprivilege children. This time, we had invited 17 children from Rumah Sayangan, Taman Billion, Cheras to celebrate Christmas with us.

The theme was "The Gift" as God has given his only begotten Son to us in order to give us Salvation (John 13). While we had this special gift given to us, we must also spread the joy of it, and hopefully by God's grace, others will receive it as well. Our color theme was purple (the royal color) and that's why you are seeing so many purples in the picture (my favourite colour too).

With Esther, Josephine, Ye Ling, Maisie and Janice

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