Thursday, 20 March 2008

Last round of hope

Due to the upcoming severe exam stress, I will not be able to blog properly until July, unless I have anything extraordinary to voice out here.

I'm almost in the verge of tears and nauseating for memorising thousands of cases and authorities. Perhaps it's time to boil soup using my notes and hopefully by consuming this 'tasty' soup, I can automatically memorise those cases. Chicken soup, anyone?

*sob sob

3 Yawns:

sarahmarilyn said...

i know exactly how u feel..ive been there b4..sometimes exam stress brings out the childish side of me...remember the 'roti tekap' story in doraemon? i was wishing n dying to have that pffftt...anyway, lemme know if the brainsoup works..i wud wanna try too :)

Karen said...

everyday, it feels as though watermelon is bouncing on my head.

Rote learning!

Anonymous said...
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