Friday, 7 March 2008

Desperate votes needed

You vote, you'll die. You don't vote, you'll die too...This is the desperate situation in Malaysia where we'll have our General Election tomorrow, March 8th.

Today, Prime Minister urge us all Chinese and Indian to support their respective race's political party in order to have their voices heard in the cabinet. Otherwise, if we don't have any respresentatives, our grouses will not be heard and we will only remain as a 'barking dog' in the Parliament who can do nothing but bark. Sad, right?

So this is the 'dilemma' which is going to be faced by majority of the Chinese and Indian voters. Forced dilemma and mind games.

Prime Minister, can you ignore 40% of your citizens who have no representatives in the government just because they did not vote for BN?

You promised the country in your BN's manifesto: Security, Peace and Prosperity, and you will not be bothered by grouses of those who did not vote for BN's either component parties [ or they voted but their votes doesn't give much an impact], eventhough they are citizens of Malaysia?

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