Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Oh! Election 2008

I love all these event fevers. What more a 12th General Election 2008. Many dramas are happening all around Malaysia except for the place where I am staying at the moment. Only polite posters were put up, no intentional destructions etc..good. Fair mah.

Peaceful campaign.

But, today newspaper's announcement said that SPR will not use indelible ink to mark voters who have voted. There were allegations that 4 fellas/indelible inks were brought into the country to trick rural folks to mark their finger with that ink before they can even vote. You see, the ink was meant to fight against phantom voters, which is a predominant problem since decade ago during elections. Which means, a lot of phantom voters or I'll called them GHOST, were the ones who decided who get to rule the country!

I'm sure when we're young, we've heard a lot of ghost stories to scare our childhood, but this special ghost story in Malaysia is more of an annoyance than scary.

So what if SPR cancelled the indelible ink plan. Those who can vote are still entitled to vote. Behold, and don't let your spirits be hampered! Elections afterall only comes once in 5 year. 5 years! Your teen kids would have finish their secondary school, those in college would have graduated and you would grow older. Yes, 5 years come and go..but maybe you want it to go in a better way? Vote for a better change!

If phantom voters are to make their grand come back, then maybe the Prime Minister should consider to have the Hungry Ghost Festival as a public holiday, to celebrate what all these ghosts have done for us. Maybe Malaysia can celebrate an early Hungry Ghost Festival on March 8th?

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