Saturday, 3 May 2008

Losing weight

I probably would've realised it some days ago, but today comfirmed everything. I have lose weight! It's depressing because my figure doesn't allow me to lose further weight, else i'll walk like a skeleton.

When I wore a body fitting shirt today, I was wondering why did the shirt became so loose. Someone suggested that it could be the works of a washing machine. How comforting.

Yeah, but what to do. I'm so envious of my other classmates who can gain weight during exam stress. At least they look healthier. Somehow I wished there's a machine for fat transfering.

5 Yawns:

Jessica said...

Hahaa.. didn't know that weight-gain can be such a wonderful thing.
Erm.. to grow as big as me, first you must eat like me. Eg. finish up your fish head mihun, bring extremely thick Milo or fruit juice to class, eat a lot of tid-bits (preferrably milky , cookies) while reading, and make sure you sleep before 11pm every night.
In fact, I envy those who can lose weight easily. Any tips?

Karen said...

And what time do u wake up? hehehe

Jessica said...

Normally 8am, if I sleep well without any nightmare hee.. There's one chinese saying, "resting is the preparation to walk further" hee..

Jessica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karen said...

I donno y sometimes i cant take too much food..but i have a lot of cravings lately.


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