Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Abolishing CLP

Surely our new Law Minister is the man! The thousand cries of students having to endure this nightmarish exam have finally been heard (including me). It was stated that the the Common Bar Course / Examination is in the final stages of introduction, which doesn't really affect me now unless i'll be failing CLP (Certificate of Legal Practice) 2-3 times before CBC comes into full force.

So today's agenda is still in status quo: STUDY HARD and Harder...

But i hope that we'll be the last batch for CLP because if any of us fail it, at least we still have the CBC. For your information, the passing rate for CLP examinations has always been around 20% and most who failed do not know why they fail. Further, nowhere in our subject guide or any as such mentioned about passing marks and grading system.

At least our Law Minister bother into looking at this problem. Thank I'm trying to pass CLP in 1 sitting. Hopefully I'll only have to experience CBC from the 'bird's eye view'. It'll be exciting to see my juniors going for this new course ( maybe i will too, but then...I'm desperate to pass it in 1 sitting).

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Irene said...

*psst* the "junior" is me. kinda mixed feeling about it. though i shall focus on passing this final yr first.

Eddie Law said...

I understand how you feel as I went through the nightmare as well and fortunately I still survive..

Eddie Law said...

thanks for your suggestion. I like classical building too

Pls also see the same issue being written at

Anonymous said...

Folks ... study hard ... the CLP is a nightmare but not impossible to pass at first go. I did it. Only advice to students abt to sit for the CLP is to sit down and practise writing out full answers to past year questions. It worked for me! All the best and see you chaps in practice. Cheeerio! :)

Karen said...

Hi, Thanks for the encouragements~!

Hey Irene, a good source told me that you still hv to brace urself for CLP until n unless the govt is coming up with a working paper for CBC.

Cheers for your remaining papers..
Is it tough ar this yr? I almost wanted to wish u all d best for IP, realising u did it last yr..haha~!


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