Saturday, 10 May 2008

Doing your share

Sharing is not easy Certainly not. It's very easy when you are not selfish and considerate, or when you are in your most generous mood.

How about sharing household chores? Ahh.....a dread isn't it? How nice if all of us have a personal maid to do all cleaning up jobs for us. Then no need for us to sweep the floor, wipe off food crumbs, scrub toilets, take out the trash etc etc...

But most who are staying with parents or a family shouldn't be a problem. At least in a family, there would be mutual consensus as who will do what. Or at least most likely for these consensus. I'm referring to a household without a domestic helper.

But what about a shared house between adults? It needs to be cleaned too...And it's unfair to be done by 1 person only, ALL THE TIME. I once stayed in a place where each of us has our own broom in the room. Ridiculous, but at least the room gets cleaned.

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