Thursday, 3 July 2008

(un)married and divorce

Today a an absurd news caught my attention. It's a case of a wife seeking annulment of marriage. Now she can't proceed with the annulment proceeding because the marriage is not properly registered. So how?

This judge told the husband to register the marriage again and obtain a genuine certificate before seeking annulment.

I AM dumbfounded!

Yes, I know it's the only way the wife can get some maintenance and support for herself and her kids. But to think of registering a marriage and seek an annulment again....erm...i have nothing to say.

3 Yawns:

Debibo said...

haha. that IS ridiculous. but if the marriage is annuled, can she get maintenance? i thought only divorces get maintenance.

Karen said...

let's study family law after our exams! Annulment cannot get maintenance la..not in the english law which i've read.

So there's really no point registering and annuling again..(well, at least in the English law sense).

Debibo said...

you want to study AFTER exams?? haha. i thought we were going to go for chinese lessons :p


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