Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Was anyone late for exam?

Luckily yesterday's KL morning road block did not affect me as I left my house at 6.15am.

Otherwise..I'll be late for the exam! I saw the massive jam from PJ in the Federal Highway at 6.30am, goodness, so much hardwork of getting up early and try to get to work on time for these normal citizens. They thought they could beat the jam but instead, the jam beats them --"Wake up earlier next time!!".

If I happen to get stuck in that jam, all my hardwork poured in during these few months will go into the waste of roadblocks . I'd probably scream my soul out.

Such scary thoughts.

1 Yawns:

Debibo said...

i've just been copying statement of claim after statement of claim. my brain can't think on its own anymore :(


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